10 Comic Relief Fundraising Ideas for the Office or School


Red nose day is back. Comic Relief’s flagship fundraising event returns tomorrow with the aim of generating millions of pounds to help people live free from poverty, violence and discrimination.

This year’s Red Nose Day will end with a star-studded evening of live television from the BBC’s base at MediaCityUK, Salford. There will be a host of unique sketches, live performances and comedy specials – which will be accompanied by videos highlighting the impact the donations have had in the UK and around the world.

The show will be hosted by Alesha Dixon, David Tennant, Zoe Ball, Paddy McGuinness and Sir Lenny Henry. Stars expected to appear include French and Saunders, Jack Whitehall and Tom Daley.

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But Comic Relief says this year’s event is all about you – people at home, school or work. Here are some ways to get involved and fundraise on Red Nose Day 2022.

Get sponsored

The Classic Sponsored Challenge is a great way to earn money for Comic Relief. And people tend to be more willing to sponsor you if there’s some kind of suffering involved.

A long walk, run or bike ride is a popular way to do this. Or a sponsored silence might be a good way to shut the kids up for a little while.

Disguise / Non-uniform

Dressing up is always a good laugh – which is imperative on Red Nose Day. It could be a fancy dress party, a full fashion show, a “who can dress the ugliest” contest, or who can wear the most red.

Guessing games

Another classic in the fundraising genre – guessing games can be a fun way to raise money. Guess the number of candies in a jar or the name of a teddy bear are familiar favorites – or if you can persuade your colleagues to bring old photos of themselves – you can even play ‘Guess the Baby’. “.

Paid quiz

Everyone loves quizzes – so you can test the brain power of colleagues or school children with a paid quiz. It could help spice up breaks while earning some much-needed funds for Comic Relief.

Red Nose and Spoon Race

Compete against classmates or colleagues in a distance race – adding obstacles or disguises for even more fun. Or you can organize a relay where everyone can participate and keep their noses on the spoon for as long as possible.


A raffle is another classic way to raise money for charity – giving people more incentive to donate because they could win a prize. Local businesses may be willing to offer amazing prizes to help you sell strips of raffle tickets.

Rock, paper, scissors tournament

Children of all ages love rock, paper, scissors. Participants can pay a small entry fee and then compete in a tournament, with the winner taking home a prize.

be smart

If someone in your office or school is particularly crafty, you can open a stall to auction off their creations. Or you can even host a sponsored workshop – knit the longest scarf or make the most birthday cards.

Paid subtitle contest

Caption contests are another great way to generate laughs as well as money. You just need a silly photo of a colleague, pin it on the wall and let people pay a small fee to leave a caption – the funniest one wins a prize.

To go there’

Tinting your eyebrows, shaving your head, taking a bean bath – nothing is too silly when it comes to Comic Relief. Just make sure you get sponsored to do it.

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