10 Indian food influencers to follow on Instagram for fun recipes and unique stories


BAs a foodie and new to cooking, I rely on the internet for anything and everything, from recipes to cooking tips.

Whether on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, it’s so convenient to explore recipes from a different range of cuisines.

But currently, with so much food content available online, it’s often been difficult to find the right people to follow.

So here is a list of some of the top food influencers you need to follow on Instagram to find unique and fun recipes:

1. Vijayalakshmi Vikram

If you’re looking for vegan recipes with a South Indian twist, you shouldn’t miss checking out Vijayalakshmi Vikram’s Instagram page. She offers amazing, healthy and nutritious vegan recipes.

What makes her feed more interesting is the unique style she has when presenting her recipes. Additionally, she posts pictures and videos with her independent dog, through which he endorses the concept of indie adoption.

Discover his recipe for curd rice made with tofu and mango:

2. Uma Raghuraman

Mother and passionate chef, Uma Raghuraman is one of the most popular Indian food bloggers on Instagram. It was her passion for food and a healthy lifestyle that pushed her to embark on the food adventure.

Uma offers mouth-watering Indian recipes with the right balance of taste and nutrition, as well as a beautiful presentation that would instantly make you crave home-cooked meals. Plus, the step-by-step presentation using a hand-held chalkboard makes its reels interesting and easy to follow.

Here, discover his plantain bajji recipe:

3. Shivboojitha and Swarnalakshmi

Swarnalakshmi and Shivboojitha, a mother-daughter duo based in Bengaluru, are the faces behind the popular Instagram page named Foodzee. It was Shivboojitha, 23, who started the page about five years ago because of her love for cooking.

They make delicious traditional Indian recipes in traditional cookware and utensils to present aesthetically. The authenticity of the food, the camera angles and Swarnalakshmi’s well-adorned hands make each reel a visual treat.

Check out their mango shrikhand recipe here:

4. Deeba Rajpal

A passionate baker, Deeba Rajpal combines her love for baking, food styling and photography, through her Instagram page. She posts drool-worthy images and reels of her recipes shot with the perfect frame composition and with a splash of color.

Through her recipes, she highlights local ingredients and also adds an Indian touch to all her dishes.

Discover his chocolate panna cotta recipe:

5. Shivesh Bhatia

New Delhi-based self-taught baker and food influencer Shivesh Bhatia is known for his dessert recipes. The 26-year-old offers interesting baking recipes for making cakes, pastries, cookies and more.

Check out her recipe for making Starbucks-style lemon bread cake:

6. Kabita’s Kitchen

One of India’s most beloved food blogger, Kabita Singh started her YouTube channel named Kabita’s Kitchen, as a passion project. Eventually, she has garnered huge success with her Indian-style recipes which she presents in the easiest way, making it easy for people who are new to cooking.

She also has a good following on all social media platforms including Instagram where she continues to post her recipes and cooking tips in the form of reels and videos. In addition, she follows the trends and suggestions of her followers.

Check out her recipe for making Aloo Tikki chaat:

7. Ranveer Brar

From becoming the youngest executive at a five-star hotel to hosting his own show, Ranveer Brar has always been dedicated to his relationship with food.

The celebrity chef with five million subscribers on YouTube and over one million followers on Instagram imparts his recipes and cooking tips to his followers in the most engaging way.

With over two decades of experience in the food industry, he continues to evolve with new trends while staying true to his unique style.

Check out her recipe for making egg chili:

8. Archit Agarwal

Archit Agarwal, who loves food, travel and photography, started his blogging journey as a means of personal exploration of his favorite journeys through travel and food.

On his Instagram page, he showcases his recipes through aesthetically pleasing, drool-worthy images and videos/reels, along with simple voice-over explanations.

Her recipes include easy-to-make cold brew coffee, chocolate brownies, quesadillas and more.

Discover his recipe for making delicious bruschettas:

9. Suguna

A former financial analyst turned food blogger, Suguna Priya loves cooking South Indian dishes.

His cooking style is focused on flavors and fresh seasonal ingredients.

Suguna’s recipes are simple and can be prepared even with the ingredients already present in the kitchen. She notes the measurements precisely, explains why these ingredients and cooking methods are used, and also gives alternative methods.

Check out her recipe for making Chettinad Chicken Biriyani:

10. Vidhi Doshi

Vidhi Doshi shares simple and interesting vegan and vegetarian recipes via her Instagram page named theramenhairedgirl.

As the name suggests, she loves ramen and therefore has a wide variety of noodle recipes. Plus, most of her recipes fall into the category of easy-to-cook recipes, making them all suitable for beginners.

Through her fun reels she shares her recipes explaining the steps to follow.

Discover his recipe for pasta with cherry tomatoes:

(Edited by Vinayak Hegde)

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