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Plant-based food has grown in popularity. Adopting a plant-based diet simply means eating foods that are primarily plant-based like seeds, nuts, legumes, fruits, beans, whole grains, and vegetables. Although plant-based diets do not involve any animal products, many people incorporate plant-based meals into a diet that occasionally also includes meat, dairy, and other animal products. The increase in plant-based foods was supported by Gallup research, which found that sales of plant-based foods increased 8.1% in 2017 and totaled more than $ 3.1 billion. in 2018.

The increase in popularity can be attributed in part to the many health benefits of a plant-based diet, which can lower blood pressure, improve heart health, and help prevent type 2 diabetes. reduce the risk of cancer. For many people, however, plant-based diets are a way to get away from consuming animal products and processed foods altogether.

As the holidays approach, Almond Cow has compiled a list of 10 plant-based desserts that will satisfy any foodie, using recipes from Allrecipes and Almond Cow’s own repository.

These recipes include both traditional favorites and more recent modern catches. While most of the recipes listed are vegan, vegan baking substitutes are included as well. Dairy substitutes for vegan baking, for example, involve replacing dairy butter with coconut oil, olive oil, or vegan butter, or using soy milk, coconut milk or milk. almond milk instead of cow’s milk. The eggs can be substituted with applesauce, flaxseed, banana, or aquafaba (the liquid in which the seeds of legumes, like chickpeas, have been cooked).

Read on for 10 delicious plant-based desserts to enjoy with friends and family this holiday season.

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