11 platinum jubilee party game ideas to play


Wondering how to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee? Whether you’ve finished throwing your street party or just served the Queen’s official Platinum Jubilee pudding, why not play some fun royalty-approved board games with guests.

As the country prepares to celebrate 70 years of Her Majesty’s reign, the gaming experts at Solitaired have shared their selection of games to make your gathering fit for a royal over the holiday weekend.

Discover the best games to play…

1. Royal Guess who?


Guess who

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The classic tabletop guessing game gets a royal twist. To play, swap faces with members of the royal family. Players take turns asking yes or no questions to guess which mystery card their opponent has, for example, did they marry a royal? Do they wear glasses? Do they have children? Those that don’t apply are turned face down, leaving the remaining characters face up. Once a player thinks they know which card their opponent has, they have a chance to guess who it is. If a player guesses the card incorrectly, they lose.

2. Ibble Dibble

Netflix fans The crown will be familiar with this royal drinking game (you can redeem for juice if the kids are playing). First, players form a circle and are assigned a number. Each player is called “ibble-dibble” followed by his number. Don’t forget to blacken a bottle cap with a marker or some paint.

The rules are as follows: The one whose turn it is must identify himself by his number, for example by saying the number of black marks on his face. Then the person will call the next player of their choice, identified by their assigned number, followed by the number of marks on their face. For example, the first round would look something like: “Number one ibble-dibble without dibble-ibble calling number five ibble-dibble without dibble-ibble.”

Player number five would go next. Players who hesitate or waste the penalty must put a black mark on their face and drink (or forfeit). The longer the game lasts, the harder it becomes! The winner is the player with the fewest points at the end.

queen's jubilee street scene

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3. Croquet

john lewis

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A quintessentially British garden game, croquet is a great outdoor team game for bringing the family together. You will need a croquet set to set up on the lawn. You must push the hoops into the grass in the layout shown before attempting to hit the ball through the hoops using the bat. There are also sneaky ways to get the better of your opponents.

4. Charades

Charades has been loved by the royal family for generations, so it’s no surprise that it’s been recommended as one of the best games to play over the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

To play this one, everyone writes a movie, book, song, play, TV show, or phrase before putting them in a hat. Once the players have been split into equal teams, the first person will take the hat item and play it silently for their team to guess. The player trying to act can use hand signals and mime to try to lead their team to the response.

5. Royal Rules

This fun racing game was first played in ancient Mesopotamia at the start of the third millennium BC, but is also enjoyed by the royal family. All you’ll need is a deck of cards, with one special rule: whoever has a Queen card must make a rule that all guests must follow for the day. Everyone who breaks the rules must get a drink or forfeit.

6. Football

Why not organize a friendly football match on the holiday weekend? Loved by the Queen and Kate Middleton, it’s the perfect excuse to get out in the sun and sweat it out.

the duke and duchess of cambridge visit northern ireland

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7. Monopoly

“The Royal Family have been known to enjoy playing a game of Monopoly, before the Queen banned it from being played at family events after it got out of control,” Solitaire said.

“Just because the game is now banned from royal duties doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the game anymore, if you’re still on good terms after the last time you played.”

8. Royal Kitchen

Aprons at your fingertips! Get creative and challenge your loved ones to a royal baking marathon (we recommend trying the official Lemon Jubilee trifle and Swiss rolled amaretti). All you have to do is assign a panel of hungry judges and vote for your favorite kitchen king or queen.

9. Wacky royal portrait

Solitaired says: “Expand creativity with an unconventional royal portrait. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, players have five minutes to collect unconventional materials found around the house/garden. Without using pens or pencils, create a royal portrait fit for a Queen.”

a man wearing glasses concentrates as he paints in oils on a canvas on an easel

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10. Castle building

Great fun for the whole family, build a castle hideout using items around the house, such as blankets, cardboard boxes and chairs. Use them to build your own royal residence and vote for your favorite. Add prizes to keep the fun going.

11. Create a wreath contest

Are you feeling creative? Why not create your own royal crown using craft materials such as pens, paper, feathers and glue-on gems. You can even challenge your street party to create their own.

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