14 Best Vegan Air Fryer Recipes


Vegans know the value of a good food hack. Sometimes that means turning unexpected ingredients into their meat and cheese counterparts, like in our vegan chipotle queso or our mushroom “calamari,” and sometimes that means using certain techniques to get the best results, like freezing tofu for our crispy fried tofu sandwich or the salted one. eggplant for our eggplant steak fries with chimichurri sauce. One of our favorite not-so-secret cooking methods? Frying in the open air! It’s a MUST in a vegan kitchen to turn frozen veggies, tofu, and even meatless meats into delicious side dishes and main dishes, FAST. Whether you’re a diehard fan of your air fryer or haven’t yet taken the plunge and purchased one, we’ve got recipes for you here. Check out our 14 vegan air fryer recipes for ideas – we bet you’ll fall in love with this awesome kitchen appliance even MORE.

And we’re not just talking about boring vegetables, people! Yup, that’s right – veggies are a big part of any vegan diet (namely, should be for omnivores too), and we’ve got plenty of easy recipes for air frying them, like our broccoli a la Deep Fryer, Deep Fryer Kale Chips, and Deep Fryer Brussels Sprouts. However, sometimes the most exciting recipes are those that take inspiration from the flavor and texture of their non-vegan counterparts. Are you missing bang bang shrimp? Try our bang bang cauliflower in your air fryer. Same fish tacos? Try our deep-fried cauliflower tacos instead. Want something as nibbleable as popcorn chicken? Try our Deep Fryer Tofu (use whatever marinade or sauce you like, or just eat it as is!). There really is no end to what the air fryer can achieve, so use these recipes as inspiration and get creative with what you put in – anything that could benefit from frying or of a long roast in the oven is fair game.

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