14 delicious pie recipes you can make at home

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, these recipes will help you earn your bread on 3.14.

March 14 has the dubious honor of being known as “Pi Day” – 3.14 (π, get it) in some month/day format conjures up memories of pop quizzes and other long-forgotten lessons. Watch yourself, using these math skills in real life.

Do not mistake yourself; there’s never a bad time for pie. But the way things are lately, doesn’t the comforting goodness of a freshly baked pie sound good right now? Also, cooking at home can be therapeutic. So here we are with 14 pie recipes to brighten up your kitchen and make your home smell like coffee.

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The best pies to make at home for Pi(e) Day

Apple crumble pie

The classic needs no introduction! If pies had a show of their own, Apple Crumble Pie would be the veteran who made it to the jury. Yes, it’s the classic crunch of the pie crust and the divinely warm, gooey apple-cinnamon filling inside that makes this a classic.

Chocolate Chess Pie

A chocolate chess pie with the perfect, creamy, chocolaty filling and crispy top is something dreams are made of. Simple ingredients, simple pie and pure joy. If that’s not what life is, then what is?

Pumpkin pie with pecan nut praline

This squash pie was born only to please. Pecan nuts? Good. Praline? Good. Pumpkin? Well done. If you ask us, you can never go wrong with this one to warm you up on a cold day and make you feel good about everything around you.

Peanut Butter Pretzel Pie

If you thought pretzels couldn’t get any better, wait until you do. Bringing together the best of both worlds, Peanut Butter Pot could not possibly be more honored than this. As complex as it may seem, cooking this one is quite easy.

Ricotta and chocolate orange tart

Hello, but could a pie “be” better? Citrus, sweet and savory, this pie is, like Chef the judges would say, an explosion of flavors in the mouth. It looks beautiful, tastes great, and is easy to make. It’s the crowning trifecta of desserts if you ask us.

Buttermilk Pie

Another classic, this one comes from American cuisine. This would surely split the judging panel with apple crumble pie, encouraging newbies. What makes this one of the best pies is that it’s made with simple, basic ingredients and tastes like home!

Cranberry and citrus pie

Whenever two fruits with distinct taste palettes come together in a dessert, you know it’s going to be a great pairing. A complex dish with simple flavors, this one will have you feeling like a pro after cooking it.

Cranberry Cream Cheese Crisp

Want to use cranberry sauce outside of Thanksgiving season? Bake a delicious pie that is an upgrade for beautifully made cream cheese from regular cheesecakes. Bring the best of a fruit cheesecake and turn it into this magical pie.

Pecan Bourbon Pie

Invest a good amount of time in this one because it deserves it. Drizzled desserts are always a plus, and when it comes in the form of a pecan pie, you can’t really ask for more. Make your kitchen smell like heaven and make your taste buds experience heaven for real with this Bourbon Pecan Pie.

Double chocolate pumpkin pie

Your favorite pumpkin says hello! What’s better than chocolate? Double chocolate. And what’s better than a classic pumpkin pie? Double chocolate pumpkin pie. That’s all the introduction this pie needs.

Coconut and custard tart

Buttery pie crust, shredded coconut, decadent custard filling – this one is a clear winner.

Apple and Cheddar Pie

With a cheddar cheese pie crust and a gooey apple and cinnamon inside, this one will wake up all the fuzzy, wintry “toppings” in you. For such a good pie, we can’t help but play puns. Puff pastry, sweet inside with a hint of saltiness, this tart has all the right notes.

Peanut butter and jelly pie

It’s the twist in history that another classic, the PB&J, deserves. Another veteran, who is a total winner in his own right, this pie is the right tribute for this childhood favorite. The best part is that you can play around and create your own jelly recipe for this one. But this recipe here is our favorite!

Cranberry Lime Pie

Save the best for last, they said. And we obeyed. If looks matter, this pie would go home with the crown. It looks ‘berry good’, to say the least. And cranberry and lime together? It’s the sun you need on a cold day.

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