14 Tim Hortons Menu Items From Around The World That Sound So Much Better Than Canada’s

We’ve all come to love our local Tim Hortons, and few things hit like a cold iced cappuccino on a hot summer’s day…until you discover all the explosive menu items the brand has in the world.

From the Cheesecake Factory treats in the Philippines to the salted egg yolk Timbits in China, Timmies has definitely held its own with Canadians.

And that’s not even talking about the amazing dishes found at newer Indian branches – including kadak chai and chicken tikka rolls!

Here’s a look at some of the tastiest foods and beverages on Tim Hortons menus around the world.

One look at these and you’ll wonder why you’ve settled for a double-double all these years.

United Kingdom: pancakes

Enough said.

It’s hard not to feel betrayed when you see the delicious pancake options on the Tim Hortons UK menu – especially when you take into account that many of them come with drizzled maple syrup.

It’s true; In the UK, you can start your day with pancakes with bacon and maple, pancakes with chocolate and hazelnut spread or simply pancakes with plain maple syrup.

And if that wasn’t enough, they also get dessert versions of the pancakes like their Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Oreo Pancakes and their Maple, Caramel, and White Chocolate Pancakes.

Seriously, when are they coming to Canada?

UK: Iced Coconut Cappuccino

Tim Hortons United Kingdom

While iced cappuccino is a classic favorite in Canada, countries around the world seem to have much more interesting flavors for some reason.

In the UK, for example, you can actually order Timmies’ signature drink…coconut!

In addition to this delicious offer, they also have an Iced Capp Supreme (with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate) and a light version.

We wouldn’t mind seeing them here, a bit.

China: Timbits with salted egg yolk

Timmies opened its first restaurant in China in 2019 and – as many were quick to point out – the menu was very different.

There are plenty of lunch offerings like basil chicken, cold shrimp, and Montreal beef sandwiches!

But what we would really like to taste, if only out of curiosity, are his Salted Egg Yolk Timbits.

As you might have guessed, salty egg yolk is known more for its savory flavor, so we’d love to see how these pair with sweet Timbits!

China: Infused Black Lemon Peach Oolong

Sure, Timmies in Canada has its brewed tea – but its branches in China seem to have stepped it up.

There, you can sip beers like black lemon-infused peach oolong if you fancy a morning boost.

Sounds like just the thing to start your day on the right note.

And simple enough to bring to Canada one day, perhaps?

​Spain: Toasts with tomato and olive oil

Tim Hortons has several branches open across Spain and let’s just say the menu is very tempting.

There are plenty of delicious gourmet dishes, from their chicken or bacon clubs to a rustic pork sandwich with truffled mushrooms.

But if you’re craving a Tim Hortons dish with a Mediterranean twist, how about toast with tomato and olive oil?

It looks so simple, fresh and healthy, and looks like a super satisfying breakfast option.

Spain: Papaya and pineapple juice

Spain is known for its relatively warmer climates, so it makes sense that there are plenty of cool drinks on this menu.

There’s mango tea, mango lemonade, and even a coconut, banana, and pineapple smoothie.

And if you’re in a tropical mood, how about some papaya and pineapple juice to quench your thirst?

​Mexico: Conchas

Conchas are those delicious Mexican sweet buns with lines on the top, making them look like seashells.

And customers at Tim Horton locations in Mexico can really sink their teeth into these chewy treats.

They seem to be available in flavors like chocolate and vanilla and if they taste as good as they look, we want them here. Statistical

Mexico: Mexican Chocolate

Tim Hortons Mexico

If you’re a fan of hot chocolate (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then this drink at cafes in Mexico is a must.

The Timmies have a special Mexican chocolate drink there that looks so comforting and intense.

Although we unfortunately don’t know how it tastes just yet, we think it’s perfect for chocolate lovers.

Philippines: Italian Grilled Cheese

Tim Hortons Philippines

They may not have a Tim Hortons in Italy yet, but you can get your hands on an Italian-style toasted bagel if you ever travel through the Philippines!

Don’t be fooled; it’s not just any other regular bagel from Tim Hortons. The specialty asiago bagel comes with a combination of some Italian cold cuts, sun-dried tomatoes, and roasted garlic mayonnaise.

And like any good Italian sandwich, it comes with mozzarella cheese.

We didn’t know we needed Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise until now, and we might just have to book a flight to the Philippines to get our hands on it.

Philippines: frozen strawberry cheesecake

Tim Hortons in the Philippines is every cheesecake lover’s dream come true.

Not only does the Filipino branch offer a variety of flavored cheesecakes straight from The Cheesecake Factory, but they also serve a strawberry cheesecake frozen drink.

Topped with whipped cream and strawberry puree, one can only imagine how much this would satisfy even the most greedy sweet tooth.

Thailand: tuna grilled cheese fondant

Tim Hortons Thailand

Have you ever ordered fish from Tim Hortons?

Well, you can do it at Tim Hortons in Thailand, and their Tuna Grilled Cheese Fudge sounds like an AF bomb.

It’s basically an elevated grilled cheese, and let’s be honest, few people can turn down a grilled cheese sandwich.

The star ingredient is tuna, of course, but it’s also made with mozzarella, cheddar, tomatoes and red onions.

Thailand: Iced Maple Yuzu Americano

It might be the craziest drink on a Tim Hortons menu, and the combination of flavors is sure to confuse your taste buds.

This summer menu staple from Thai Tim Hortons combines an ice cold Americano with one of their classic menu staples, the Yuzu Lemonade Fruit Chiller.

It is sweetened with maple syrup to add a Canadian touch.

For those who may not be familiar with yuzu, it’s a citrus fruit commonly found in East Asia, and although it looks a lot like a lemon, it has a very distinct taste.

Middle Eastern: Falafel Wrap

Falafels are those fried balls of chickpea and herb dough that most people usually find at their local Arabic shawarma restaurant, but in the Middle East you can get them at the local Tim Hortons.

You can’t go wrong with a falafel wrap, and we’re jealous of all the folks in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain who can grab one at their local Tim Hortons.

The best part is that you know you would get the real deal straight from an Arabic kitchen.

It comes with a tahini dressing and it looks like a dream.

Middle East: KitKat Chocolate Glazed Cap

Just when you thought nothing could beat a regular iced cappuccino, the Tim Hortons chain in the Middle East has stopped with the KitKat Chocolate Iced Cappuccino, and we’re crazy we can’t order it here in Canada.

They even have a KitKat Strawberry Iced Capp and a KitKat Caramel Iced Capp.

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