15 Halloween drink ideas for kids


When it comes time for the Halloween party, we get dressed and spread out the adult food and drink, making sure to display the Capri Suns for the kids. But this Halloween, when you get your ideas ready for your party or family activities, you must add some DIY Halloween drink ideas for kids. They are simple and will bring extra fun to your celebration as they too can get involved in creating their favorite spooky drink!

This party is full of trying to bring all the spooky ideas to life and enjoying the screams along the way. So while some of these punch concoctions are cute and fun, others are downright gory and filled with spooky caterpillars. They are a mixture of bloody, spellbinding, enchanting, ghostly and mysterious! Which means you have options. Creating these masterpieces can get a bit tricky with your little ones, but resist the urge to watch out for the mess. Lay down a plastic towel or tablecloth and give the kids the freedom to get clingy – this adds to the occasion.

After trying these infusions, you might be inspired to create your own mystical or monstrous infusion! Go for it.


Goosebumps punch

It’s a simple sweet drink your kids will love! If they have already seen the Goose bumps movie or read the books, they will have an added interest in sipping this green beer. It’s not just a drink, it’s teeming with delicious gummy worms and full of thick foam. Is it easy? Simply mix ginger ale or lemon-lime soda with green food coloring in a large bowl. Then you add rainbow or lime sorbet and top it off with gummy worms in the color your kids have chosen. Enjoy the look of your themed punch!


Bloodshot Halloween Punch

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If your kids love Hawaiian punch then they’ll love this treat! And it is easy. In a punch bowl, add a bottle of Hawaiian punch and cranberry juice and a can of apple juice and cranberry juice. Pour in fake eyeballs for an extra scary look and save your kids screaming for the big reveal.


Halloween Blood Bags

There is so much authenticity in the details of these blood bags. They can be hung through the pre-printed hole at the top of the bags, they are reusable and are designed to be waterproof. These bags are made from food grade material (PVC) and are non-toxic and odorless, making them safe for your little goblins. Each holds up to 8.45 ounces and with five different bag designs your kids have the choice of drinking alien blood, poison, zombie brain juice, or two labeled bags that look like the ones used in hospitals . A pretty cool feature of this product is that when the drinks are ready, they can be used as a party decor. Showing that a bloodsucker raged through the party crowd.


Spider web drink

It’s time to add spiders to the fun of DIY with this spider web drink. For this green masterpiece, you will need 1 1/2 cups of white fondant candies, wax paper, 2 cups of bright green Powerade, 1 1/2 cups of Sprite, a bag of frosting, and spiders in plastic. That’s enough for four people, and here’s how: Melt candy in your frosting bag, cut off the end of the bag, and make webs with the candies. Then place the spider on part of the web before it cools down. Mix your drinks, pour the mixture into glasses and add your cooled strip to the top. This is a fun project for children to participate as well.


Zombie punch


Zombies are gore and gore and don’t always have their body parts intact. This Zombie Bash Punch comes so close to this truth it’s scary. But that’s the point, isn’t it? You will need Hawaiian fruit punch, apple juice, cranberry juice, and ginger ale. Other ingredients include ice cream, red glitter gel, eyeball decorations, and clear glasses. After mixing your juices in a bowl, pour the gel over the outside of the cup and the rim to resemble blood. The final part is adding ice for cooling and eyeballs for the scariest effect possible!


Infusion of green witches

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The scarier your punch presentation, the cooler you are in the eyes of your kids! To make this bubbling Green Witches Brew, you need a quart of lime sorbet, a 2 liter bottle of ginger ale, a 46 ounce can of unsweetened pineapple juice, 1 / 4 cup lime juice and creepy eyes. Add all of your liquid contents to the bowl, then add the sherbet and spooky eyes. If you want a special smoky effect for this bundle, top it off with dry ice.


Jack-O-Lantern float

Jack-O-Lanterns are a fun decoration for this party. And they are so diverse because you can create any emotion from scary to wacky with their facial expressions. These Jack-O-Lantern floats are a cool way to spice up your party this Halloween. You will need orange soda, vanilla ice cream, and clear plastic cups to decorate with a marker or cutouts. The amount you use of each ingredient depends on the number of people in your family. Fill the cup about 1/4 of the way up with soda, then add one to two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Pour in more Fanta until it’s full and you see it foaming. Sip!


Halloween Fondant Monster Punch


Monsters aren’t always scary, some are cute and inviting. And that’s what this cup of goodness looks like. Halloween Melting Monster punch adds functional dynamics to children’s edible experience. Here’s what you need: lemonade, lemon-lime soda, lime sorbet, candy eyeballs, and clear cups. Let your kids join in the action by making their own mugs!


Ghost milkshakes


Ghost milkshakes are a creamy dessert drink that would be fun to add to your party table this Halloween. And with just four ingredients, it’s not that difficult to prepare. You will need glasses, straws, milk, whipped cream, chocolate chips and vanilla ice cream. Start by melting the chocolate and use a spoon to create ghost faces on the glasses. While these are cooling, mix the milk and ice cream together, then pour it into your chilled glasses and add whipped cream on top! There ! Have fun making ghost faces while you sip.


Bat blood smoothies


Bat Blood smoothie is healthy and anyone can enjoy it! But the fun part about this drink is not the liquid itself, but the bald look you give it by decorating the cups. The ingredients include 3 ounces of cooked beets, 1 cup of frozen raspberries, a banana and 1 1/2 cups of coconut water. Mix them up. For your bat, you will need a piece of orange felt to glue around the neck of your glass, black cutouts of triangular ears and wings, and googly eyes. Glue the wings to the felt on each side of your glass. Then glue the ears to the back and the eyes to the front. Enjoy!


Hocus Pocus Punch


Hocus pocus is a classic Halloween movie and this punch is an orange take on witches brew. The drink includes one bottle of V8 Peach Mango, four bottles of Peach Izz, and 1-2 pints of orange sorbet, and can be made in individual glasses or in a large bowl. Of course, you’ll want to use clear glasses to admire your work. And just for even more fun, add dry ice to your brew bowl for an even more wizarding feel.


Frankenstein Halloween Punch


“It’s alive!” Everyone (including the kids) becomes a mad scientist who brings this Frankenstein Halloween punch to life! To prepare, you need a carton of lime sorbet, a bottle of lemon-lime soda, green food coloring, eye candy, and sprinkles. Pour the soda into each glass and add food coloring. Then you will add food coloring to your sherbet carton, bringing it to a bright green, and add a few spoons to each glass. And the last part is to add your candy eyes and your sprinkles on top!


Vampire drink

Vampire Drink is a complex concoction that’s a complete ode to leeches, and this one is sure to drive kids crazy. It is not difficult at all, but you cannot prepare it in advance to achieve the desired effect. Supplies include vampire teeth, clear glasses or mugs, Sprite, ice, medical syringes, and your choice of red Kool-Aid. Fill the glasses with ice cubes and drink, place the teeth inside, the syringes should contain about 2ml of Kool-Aid, and place it in the cup. The soda will remove the Kool-Aid, no need to squeeze the syringe. Now drink!


Orange Monster Green Punch


I can not lie. This is one of the cutest little drinks. Having a green monster popping out of a mug while you sip will make kids, and even you, laugh out loud. You will need small transparent cups, coat the rim with colored sugar and pour your favorite orange soda. Then add a scoop of green sorbet and put candy eyes on it. Put your fun straws in the cups and watch your monster slowly sink to the bottom.


Spider blood stroke

You might hate spiders like me, but we have to admit that it does raise the scare level a few notches on Halloween. This Spider Blood punch will be a hit and instill fear. For the punch, use or mix your favorite berry juices and sparkling water in order to give it a blood red color. Then boil filtered water and pour it into an ice cube tray after cooling. Wash your plastic spiders and add them to the cubes before placing them in the freezer. There are also food safe spider mold options. Finally, fill your cups or transparent glasses with your spider infested ice cubes!

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