15 Passover Meal Ideas for a Delicious Seder Dinner


With the blooming of flowers, the fall of jackets and a general theme of rebirth, spring is also the time of the important Jewish holiday of Passover. You know the highlights: Moses! Unleavened bread! Plagues! Separation from the Red Sea! And the long, long reading from the Haggadah, which ends with a feast to remind us of the importance of freedom.

But the best thing about Passover 2022 is that many families will finally be able to spend the holidays together, after the hell that has been the Zoom seders during Covid. So why not opt ​​for more time spent with loved ones and less time cooking by letting Goldbelly Specialty Food Delivery Service prepare your meal for you.

From matzah ball soup to minced liver, brisket to kugel and even a striking seder plate. Goldbelly has everything you need to make this Easter a more relaxing and delightful holiday. Even Elijah will want to stay for a bite.

Here are our top picks of the best Jewish-owned restaurants that will deliver Passover treats right to your doorstep.

Passover Main Dishes

Long Island’s Lido Kosher Deli lets you choose between roast breast or chicken for your main course, as well as minced liver, gefilte fish or stuffed cabbage for an appetizer. You also get all the fixings, including sour pickles, coleslaw, and a platter of potato pudding. For four to six people.

Junior’s may be best known for its delicious cheesecakes, but this Passover you can order a meal that puts crispy potato pancakes and freshly roasted beef brisket front and center. Plus, you’ll also get a pound of chopped liver along with gravy and applesauce for dipping. For dessert, treat yourself to a pound of chocolate-dipped macaroons. For four to six people.

Like Kenny Bania on “Seinfeld,” you can have the soup (two liters to be exact) of this iconic New York deli, but this Passover you can also get everything you need for a full seder meal — including including charoset, hocks, horseradish, moror and even the seder plate and two books of the Haggadah. Plus, you’ll have beef brisket, potato kugel, stuffed capons, and matzah farfel. For six to eight people.

This legendary Jewish deli from Queens may be known for its smoked meat, but you can’t go wrong with the brisket and chicken, too. This seder dinner is also loaded with extras like matzah ball soup, potato leek kugel, minced liver, and gefilte fish. And it also comes with a seder plate and a box of macarons for a little sweetness. For four to six people.

Zucker’s Passover Bagel and Smoked Fish Brunch

Why not have some smoked salmon and smears for your seder? Although Zucker’s specializes in classic New York bagels, you’ll need to grab a pass (pun intended) for this meal and enjoy the three different cream cheese selections, nova lox, and smoked fish salad. on the included matzah box. This brunch spread also comes with an “everything” spice shaker and bag of coffee. For six people.

Sometimes you just want the meat. And this five-pound piece of Star-K glatt kosher brisket will make everyone happy at your seder. Made from locally raised Black Angus cattle, this whole cut of trimmed beef is also antibiotic-free and free of any added hormones.

Anyone who has tried (and failed) to make matzah balls knows how difficult it can be to make them light, airy and fair. So why not let the experts do the hard work and forget about trying the seltzer in the dough? Not only do you get four liters of Bubbe’s Chicken Soup, but two dozen balls of matzoh. For 8 to 10 people.

Guss’ Pickles, the oldest family-owned pickle business in the United States, is still a New York favorite. And while you can head to the lower east side display case to pick your dill pickles straight from the barrel, now you can also get a whole gallon (that’s eight pounds and about 32 pickles) delivered right to your door. Have a bigger Seder? Try the 5 Gallon Pickle Pail with Half Sour or Sour Pickles for $159.

Go big with these 14 giant potato pancakes, made with hand-shredded potatoes and fried to be extra crispy. Although the latkes are frozen, you only need about 10 minutes in the oven to heat them up and you can choose to add applesauce, hand-sliced ​​smoked salmon or fresh cream made by hand to your order if you want all the fixings. For 14 people.

Ground Liver Russ & Daughters

If you could actually BE minced liver (what am I…?), you’d want to be this luscious iteration of NYC’s Russ & Daughters. The store, which has even been designated as “Part of New York City’s Cultural Heritage” by the Smithsonian Institute, will ship a pound of this tasty kosher spread, fortified with egg and schmaltz, straight to your doorstep. Best served over matzah for an unleavened treat.

If you know Passover, you know how hard it is to stay away from sides with flour, so we love a good egg noodle kugel made kosher for Passover. Goldberg’s Fine Foods offers what is also called noodle pudding with pineapple, sugar and raisins. Ships frozen and ready to bake on seder day. For four to six people.

Listen, we all need a little sweetness after the big seder meal. And finding a flourless dessert that tastes good isn’t always easy. That’s why we love this one pound Passover Matzah covered in homemade dark chocolate, caramel, pecans and a hint of sea salt. Nothing short of an addiction, you’ll get a entire book of this brittle Matzah.

Yes, rice krispies don’t have flour, so technically you can eat them on Passover. Unless you are an Ashkenazi Jew, and then you are not allowed to do so. Confused, right? So keep it simple with these beautiful and delicious treats from Treat House. A combination of matzah, marshmallow, caramel and coconut, they are covered in white and dark chocolate for a finishing touch. Each package includes 12 treats in all.

These coconut desserts are bite-sized dreams dipped in dark chocolate frosting. Elle’s Bakery may be known for its all-natural desserts, like truffles and pies, but these baked macaroons with almond flour are the perfect way to end your Passover seder. Each package comes with 10 macaroons.

Candy X Passover Savings Pack CandyCare

Feed your sweet tooth with this big five pound bag of kosher Passover candy from New York’s legendary Economy Candy, featuring treats like jelly rings, candied fruit slices, marshmallow twists and matzah coated with chocolate.

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