17 Best Mini Cookie Recipes and Ideas

Whether you like your mini cookies crispy, chewy, cakey, chocolatey, buttery or fruity, there’s a recipe here for you.

And they are all 100% addictive!

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Mini sweet chocolate chip cookies in a box

Mini cookies are the perfect bite-sized treats. And despite their size, they deliver a healthy dose of flavor in every bite.

For this collection, I have a bit of everything.

So give macaroons a try if you like soft cookies with a crispy outer crust. Or you can’t beat the mini almond biscotti if you want something to devour with your mid-morning coffee.

No matter what you choose, these mini cookie recipes are beyond delicious.

Easy Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites and more!

These chocolate chip cookies are super soft, chewy and bursting with gooey chocolate! So yes, they are seriously addictive.

This recipe makes a whopping 144 cookies. But believe me, you’ll want half of it for yourself.

they are just this good.

Whether you’re serving them at a kid’s party or an adult party, they’ll be a surefire hit.

Don’t forget the milk.

How incredibly charming are these gingerbread cookies? They are almost too cute to eat.

Of course, they are too delicious not to.

These cookies are pleasantly sweet with a kiss of cinnamon and ginger. And the warmth of the spices gives off major autumn vibes.

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Also, feel free to give the dough any shape you want. This is where all those cookie cutters you bought will finally come into play!

Peanut Butter Flower Cookies

If you are looking for a cookie that will please everyone, remember that chocolate and peanut butter will never disappoint you.

Together they make the ultimate dessert combo!

Between the sweetness of chocolate kiss and the sweet, nutty and salty flavors of peanut butter, these cookies are impossible to resist.

Besides the flavors, the textures are also very relevant – so soft and crumbly that they almost melt in your mouth.

Crispy and crunchy on the outside and fluffy and fluffy on the inside: it’s the definition of the perfect meringue.

And perfect, these meringues certainly are. The contrast between the crisp shell and the light, airy interior is divine.

The best part? These cookies only require two simple ingredients: sugar and egg whites!

Pro tip: meringues are white, but a few drops of food freeze in the dough before baking will give them all the colors of the rainbow.

Oh, and they’re ideal for the holidays because one batch will make a tonne these little bites!

For me, macaroons are the perfect cookie.

Just like meringues, they are crispy on the outside and fluffy and airy on the inside.

Two things set them apart though: the almond flavor in the cookie and the sweet toppings.

For this recipe, you’ll use a light, airy buttercream frosting for the filling.

But feel free to try other toppings, like chocolate ganache, cream cheese frosting, and fruit preserves.

These sugar cookies are soft, chewy and so buttery.

The cookies are phenomenal, but to make them more festive, you’ll frost them with pink buttercream.

If you want to take them to the next level, finish them off with sprinkles.

With a crumbly cookie crust and a chewy pecan filling, these bites really taste like pecan pie.

They’re just smaller, which means they’re more poppable.

The only downside here is that you might complete the entire batch without realizing it. So doubling or tripling the recipe is probably a good idea.

If you love chewy cookies, you can’t go wrong with oatmeal.

There’s so much nutty texture and chewiness, and the chocolate is perfectly gooey in every bite.

I promise they’re good enough to sway any chocolate chip cookie purist.

From the Latin word biscoctus which means “cooked twice”, biscotti are Italian specialties.

They’re baked twice to get their signature dry, crunchy texture – once in a flat log, then once more once you’ve sliced ​​them.

If you’re looking for the ultimate coffee pairing, this is it.

The cookies’ oblong shape makes them perfect for dipping in a mug. And once you soak them, they absorb the moisture from the drink and become a little softer.

Want lemon? These cookies will scratch that itch right away.

To say these lemon drop cookies are addictive is an understatement. You’ll love how soft, buttery, and crumbly they are!

The tangy lemon glaze helps tone down the sweetness, so every bite is wonderfully balanced.

These mini cookies are full of chocolate, pumpkin, spice and everything good.

Like my favorite Chocolate Pumpkin Bread, they’re spicy, warm, and full of decadence.

So if you haven’t tried this flavor combination yet, expect to be blown away.

These snickerdoodles are soft, buttery, and chewy with a subtle tangy twist.

I enjoy them with white chocolate chips for a touch of creamy sweetness. But they are also super tasty as they are!

Covered in cinnamon sugar, they have an extra sweet and warming flavor, perfect for cold weather.

No need to go camping or start a fire to make s’mores! This recipe lets you make delicious bite-size s’mores in the comfort of your own kitchen.

And it couldn’t be easier!

Simply crush graham crackers, toss them with butter and your crust is ready.

Then place a block of chocolate in the middle and cover it with a marshmallow. Put them in the oven and cook until they bubble. Delicious !

Did you know that some of the most delicious, buttery, tender, crumbly, and insanely delicious cookies use only three ingredients?

It’s true! Shortbread cookies (butter biscuits) only require flour, butter and sugar.

The trick is to use premium butter and be gentle with the dough. So, once the butter and sugar are light and fluffy, be Great be careful when mixing the flour.

The harder you work the dough, the crispier it will be. Still delicious – but we want them to be soft and tender.

What’s the easiest way to add a pop of color to any cookie dough? Drop in some M&M’s, of course!

Besides the color, you’ll love the contrast between the crispy hard shell candies and the soft, chewy cookies.

From appearance and flavor to texture, these cookies deserve a standing ovation.

Homemade Mexican Wedding Cookies

These cookies are so soft and crumbly that they practically dissolve on your tongue.

Powdered sugar doesn’t just make them elegant. It adds another layer of sweetness and a melt-in-the-mouth feel that everyone will love.

No need to wait for a wedding to make these cookies!

Of course, they are perfect for special occasions. But they are also easy to make.

This recipe turns classic shortbread cookies into fun, colorful bite-size pieces.

You’ll love the contrast between the buttery, crumbly cookies and the crunchy nuggets.

And they’re super easy to modify for the holidays, too!

Red and green for Christmas; pink and red for Valentine’s Day; blue, red and white for the 4th of July… you get the idea.

Get some cute little bags and they’ll make great edible gifts!

Mini cookies

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