18 winter date ideas that are both comfortable and inexpensive


It doesn’t matter if you’re still on the hunt for your partner for handcuff season or if you’re already in a long-term relationship, dates in winter are really different. Sure, it’s a little colder, and yes, the sun goes down even before dinner time, but it’s the perfect season to be really close and intimate with you.

Whether you prefer to stay indoors with your chunky socks and boozy hot chocolate or like to venture outside in the cold, you have tons of cheap and fun date options.

So, even if you love to be lazy and never leave your warm, plush bed, here are 18 winter date ideas that may be just what you need to reconnect with your partner or meet an application match. met. Nothing!

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1. Set up holiday decorations

I mean, not only do you stay indoors for this and keep your clothes comfy, but you can decorate your apartment or place together. Maybe it’s about putting ornaments on a tree, maybe it’s about displaying that “what a wonderful world” sign. Either way, kill two birds with two stones, making your chores a date night.

2. Devour your favorite vacation movies while sipping hot chocolate

Is it really the holidays if you don’t watch Alone at home, The grinch, or some cheesy romantic comedy on Lifetime? This date is perfect for a Friday night after telling your friends that you are “too tired to go out”. So grab your cozy blankets and fluffy socks, and get ready to Netflix and relax.

3. Prepare a comfortable meal after taking a bath together

The holidays tend to be all cute and adorable, but they can also be quite chaotic. Whether you’re finishing things up at work or getting ready to visit family, you deserve to relax a bit with your partner by taking a hot bath or shower together while sipping champagne and eating banana bread. . I don’t make the rules.

4. Plan a picnic indoors when snowy.

If you hate going out in the cold, why not enjoy the outdoors with an adorable picnic? Make room in your living room, throw a blanket, and spend the rest of the night eating on a deli board, drinking a specialty drink, and making your favorite desserts.

5. Make a gingerbread house together

Prove that you work well together by building a gingerbread house together. You don’t really have to spend too much money to do this, and you can end up eating it if it collapses.

6. Invite another couple over for a double date indoors

Holidays are for spending time with your loved ones, and yes, that of course also includes your sister and her partner. On a night when you know you won’t have snow, invite some friends over for a double date. Cook dinner together and play games for a much needed time off.

7. Make s’mores together

I know s’mores are sort of associated with summer or fall, but TBH, having a fire pit in your yard when it’s cold outside sounds a lot better than when it’s over 100 degrees. If you decide to go to the trouble of making a fireplace, take the opportunity to make an s’more while you’re at it, too.

8. Comb and sip

The key to dating in the winter is that you should choose activities that are either a) at home in your pajamas or b) indoors in a heated place. For this reason, if you want to venture out, try signing up for a painting and tasting class where you bring your own wine and create your masterpiece together.

9. Play any type of game together

Board games, video games, you see. It is quality time for a T, in addition, it is a free99 link.

10. Take a drive or walk to look at the holiday lights

All you have to do is bundle up, grab some boozy hot chocolate, and make your way around the neighborhood (or Fifth Avenue if you live in New York City). Did we mention that this activity is completely free?

11. Go to the cinema

I’m all for going to other buildings during the winter just to stay warm, so why not watch a recently released movie while you’re there? You will be able to enjoy the company of your partner while enjoying cinematic snacks like popcorn, candy and slurpees.

12. Go to your favorite restaurant

If you want to avoid the massive crowds at your favorite restaurant, plan a date night during the week. Not only will you have something to look forward to after school or work, but you won’t have to hang out with other people at the restaurant as it will likely be more empty than Friday or Saturday night.

13. Build a snowman

Okay, maybe you don’t need to build a snowman, but do something together on the first snowy day. Whether it’s pushing yourself into the show, having a snowball fight, or building a snowman together, be sure to pack warm gloves and waterproof boots.

14. Go ice skating

Take the time of this vacation to hit the ice. Upgrade it by having your favorite Starbucks vacation drink afterwards.

15. Go on a winter hike

If you’d rather stay active than hibernate this season, take a walk. The scenery must be absolutely breathtaking after a night of snow showers, and it’s always rewarding to be able to exercise while getting some fresh air.

16. Visit vacation stores together

There are normally tons of party stores in the cities. But if you’d rather grab a bargain, make a plan on which stores to visit during Black Friday and get up at 4 a.m. together.

17. Explore the winter villages

Many cities tend to have winter villages during the season where people can buy holiday trinkets, different foods, and spend a lot of time together. Get together after work and throw a fun winter event instead of the same old pub crawl.

18. Take vacation photos together

Holidays are always so romantic, so why not make your friends want to take some vacation photos together? Whether it’s building a snowman together, going skating, or posing in front of a gigantic Christmas tree, snap a pic for the gram and make it a date.

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