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Go back in time, say at least a few centuries and even further back. This is when two ingredients add flavor to modern baked goods.

The yeast and buttermilk in baked goods could be compared to what umami is in broths and savory dishes. Yeast brightens and improves baked goods; buttermilk adds a slight acidity and creamy richness to baked goods. The centuries-old yeast and buttermilk combo adds that little something that makes you say ‘Mmmm’.

Martha Stewart says, “Flapjacks get fancy with a yeast dough that gives them a brioche-like texture. “

Yeast pancakes are chewy and can be refrigerated overnight or ready to bake on the griddle in 10 minutes plus proofing time. Overnight Yeast Pancakes have more ingredients and use active dry yeast, while the others use fast rising yeast.

the pancakes overnight are perfect for busy mornings. Just stir the night before and the cooks are ready to go.

Stewart and other food experts say cooks should plan to prepare extras for use in other sweet or savory dishes.

– From Taste of Home magazine

– From Taste of Home magazine

Andrea Yeager is a freelance writer living in Gulfport, MS. This story originally published in the Sun Herald

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