20 best apple and cinnamon recipes

Apple season is *officially* here! That means gorgeous fall foliage, cider for days, and scenic apple-picking excursions with friends and family. There are so many types of apples and countless ways to prepare them, but we’re here to talk about the real star of the show: apple and cinnamon recipes. These are the absolute flavors of fall, baked into golden, spicy delight. We have therefore gathered for you the best recipes to enjoy from September until the holidays.

Here, you’ll find dishes that perfectly combine the fragrant spice of cinnamon with the sweet flavor of your favorite apple varieties. All are hearty, comforting and delicious – an absolute must for this time of year! Many of them use apple pie spice as an ingredient, which is made with a sprinkle of cinnamon and other spices. For breakfast, make a batch of applesauce muffins. Opt for dumplings with a scoop of ice cream if you need an apple dessert cooked in less than an hour. And on a cold autumn night, Ree Drummond’s hot apple cider will do the trick! (And there’s nothing to write home about her famous Dreamy Apple Pie.) These fall recipes prove that cinnamon and apples are a classic flavor combination that just might have pumpkin spice (gasp!) Beat like the flavor of the season.

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