20 Best Beetroot Recipes – Delicious Beetroot Meal and Dessert Ideas


Beets are just as nutrient-packed as they are saturated in their signature dark red hue. Loaded with natural dietary fiber, beets are also rich in vitamins A and C – and they contain more dietary iron than most other vegetables, including spinach (surprisingly!). Beyond the colorful, earthy flesh of a beet, beet greens are also loaded with vitamin K and potassium. Overall they are a fabulous and rich source of nutrients, especially when fresh and in season during the extremely cold winter months.

Believe it or not, beets get their vibrant color from antioxidants that also help deter the build-up of cancer-causing free radicals in the body, as our nutrition pros have previously reported. The deep reds, golden yellows and milky whites of fresh beets from your supermarket or farmer’s market add a much-needed splash of color to most hearty winter dishes; and you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re a great addition to any diet for holistic health.

Whether grown in your garden or store-bought, harvesting beets’ robust flavor profile is super simple – you can layer beet slices in winter salads, stir them into sweet treats for a kick nutrition, or even substitute beets for other grains in stir-fries or soul-warming appetizers. We share the most exciting ways to cook with beets in original recipes and exciting ideas for all diners this winter.

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