20 Easter dinner ideas for 2022 delivered in time for a traditional Easter meal


Planning to host a dinner party on Easter Sunday April 17th? Why not simplify things by ordering some — or all — of your meal from some of the best restaurants in the country?

We found lots of Easter dinner ideas on Goldbelly, a website that helps local restaurants ship their food nationwide. Delight your guests with elegant cheese boards, holiday-themed Italian pastries, cookies, mac and cheese, lamb, ham, and even turkey, because you’ll save valuable time in the kitchen to spend it with the family is worth its weight in gold in chocolate.

Easter dinner appetizers

$129.95 at Goldbelly

Do you really want to show off this Easter? Attend your celebration wearing this beautiful cheese and charcuterie platter and get ready for a whole lot of oohs and aahs. For three to four people, it not only includes 15 hand-sliced ​​gourmet artisan cheeses (including a bunny-shaped black truffle moliterno), cold meats, dried fruits, nuts, crackers and chocolates, but also a reusable acacia wood board and bamboo serving utensils. Consider it your hostess gift.

$69 at Goldbelly

Ferrara Bakery Assorted Italian Easter Baked Goods

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without some serious sweets, so we recommend starting your meal with some pastry appetizers. For 10 people, this package from the famous New York bakery founded in 1892 in New York’s Little Italy includes a tray of assorted 1-pound cookies, a mini Colomba (a sweet bread in the shape of a dove and an Easter symbol) , a three-egg Casatiello (a braided Easter egg bread representing the circle of life), and a mini Struffoli (a bite of baked puff pastry covered in honey).

$60 at Goldbelly

Angelina's of Maryland All-Natural Mini Crab Cakes

Easter dinner guests will delight in this elegant – and downright delicious – appetizer from the Kent Island, Maryland restaurant, famous for its Maryland blue crab cakes since 1952. It’s made with giant Atlantic blue crab and you get a dozen mini cakes. But if that doesn’t seem like enough, you have the option of adding more for an additional fee.

$85.95 at Goldbelly

Baz Bagel Dozen Easter Bagels

When your Easter guests arrive, start the meal off on the right foot with a platter of gorgeous hand-rolled pastel multicolored bagels from this bagel shop on New York’s Lower East Side. For extra charge, add cream cheese, smoked salmon, black and white biscuits, babka, or any crunchy seasoning.

$129 at Goldbelly

Imo's Pizza Grilled Ravioli + Provel Bite Party Pack

You don’t have to be from Saint-Louis to appreciate the splendor of grilled ravioli and Provel cheese balls. From the Missouri pizzeria, which has been in business for over 50 years, comes this package which includes two bags, approximately 116 pieces of Provel bites (Provel is a blend of cheddar, Swiss and provolone cheese) and a case – approximately 175 pieces – of oven- grilled ravioli in the oven. If there are any leftovers (and we find that highly unlikely), save them for a quick meal later.

Easter dinner side dishes

$51 at Goldbelly

Pastiera di Grano Easter Cereal Pie from Veniero

Technically, it’s a dessert, but we love it as a decadent side to Easter dinner. From one of New York’s last old-world Italian bakeries (in business for over 125 years), this pie is made with wheat, ricotta, diced fruit and a hint of orange. For 8 to 10 people.

$79.95 at Goldbelly

Kings BBQ Southern Side Dishes

Bring a touch of BBQ to your Easter meal with this side dish combo pack from the beloved North Carolina restaurant. Choose from five one-pint sides with the options of collard greens, black-eyed peas, macaroni and cheese, hush puppies and Brunswick stew.

$49.95 at Goldbelly

Rev Run & Justine's Family Dinners Rev's Signature Sides

Run-DMC’s Rev Run is known for more than his rapping skills: in addition to other things, he hosts a cooking show with his wife, Justine. Make it part of your Easter dinner when you order their 2-pound combo pack of smoked refried green beans and a 2-pound four-cheese mac and cheese platter.

$131.95 at Goldbelly

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit Easter Cookie Gift Box

If you’re planning a Southern-themed Easter dinner, you know cookies are just plain necessary. This package from the Charlotte, SC Bakers makes serving the norm easy: it comes with six glazed blueberries, 12 buttermilk and 12 frozen homemade country ham crackers, plus cheese crisps, cocktail pecans, pimento cheese, raspberry pepper preserves and—just for good measure—a pound of bacon. For eight people.

Easter dinner main courses

$99.95 at Goldbelly

Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Bone-in Ham

Niman Ranch near San Francisco has been raising high-quality cattle using humane, sustainable methods since the early 1970s. Order their fully cooked, applewood-smoked, spiral-cut, bone-in ham (about 9 pounds and serves 25) which comes with a packet of frosting, and simply thaw and reheat for a delicious, hassle-free Easter dish.

$159.95 at Goldbelly

Pig Butcher Easter Ham Meal

If you’d rather spend Easter Sunday with your family than sweat it out in the kitchen, consider this dinner package with enough food to feed four to six people. From the butcher shop/restaurant in New Orleans comes a combo of a 2.5 pound butcher ham with a cane syrup glaze, 1 pound each of bacon-braised crayfish and collard gratin, and six small breads. Let’s go nursery!

$199.95 at Goldbelly

Ilili Braised Lamb Shank Kit

Planning a formal Easter party? Ilili, an upscale Lebanese restaurant in New York’s Flatiron District, serves slow-braised lamb, now available on Goldbelly. It serves four people and you will receive two lamb shanks, lamb sauce, lamb broth, cucumber mint yogurt, Lebanese dirty rice, pita bread, hummus, Brussels sprouts, harissa sauce, mint yogurt and fig jam, plus raisins, walnuts, turnips, zucchini, radishes, and carrots.

$189.95 at Goldbelly

Blue Ribbon Complete Fried Chicken Dinner The Family Coop

If Easter ham isn’t your thing, we have a mouth-watering alternative: fried chicken! Treat yourself to this feast from Blue Ribbon, known for its extra-crispy fried chicken sprinkled with spices, smothered in egg whites and coated in matzo flour crumbs. The restaurant’s meal kit serves eight to 10 people and includes four pies each of fried chicken breast, thighs, drumsticks and wings, plus 2 liters each of mashed potatoes and collard greens, as well as chicken gravy, wildflower honey and fried chicken seasoning.

$199.95 at Goldbelly

Cajun Ed's Specialty Meats Small Turducken and Ham

Go whole pork (and, we’re guessing, bird) with a 12-pound Cajun turducken—it’s a chicken-stuffed duck-stuffed turkey—from famed restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Prefer something a little more traditional? The package also includes a plain Cajun or honey-glazed ham. For 15 people.

Easter dinner desserts

$59.95 at Goldbelly

Georgetown Cupcake Dozen Easter Cupcakes

End your Easter dinner on a super sweet note with 12 cupcakes from the famous Washington, DC bakery. You will get one of each of the following flavors: Carrot, Cherry Blossom, Coconut, Peanut Butter Fudge, Vanilla Confetti with Sunny Buttercream, Vanilla Confetti with an Easter Egg, Chocolate Caramel, red velvet, salted caramel, hummingbird, earl gray tea with lavender cake and cherry cheesecake. And, just to spice up the Easter lily, all feature pretty holiday-themed fondant accents.

$65.95 at Goldbelly

4 Rivers Smokehouse Easter Egg Chocolate Truffles

Let the children stuff themselves with sweets. Adults, meanwhile, will be delighted to bite into these decadent, hand-dipped chocolate truffle cake balls from Florida’s popular 4 Rivers Smokehouse. Beautifully decorated with white chocolate and colored pastel drizzles, they come 20 to an order.

$79.95 at Goldbelly

Duff Goldman's Carrot Cake and Easter Bunny

Guests will jump for joy when you present them with this amazing 6-inch four-layer carrot cake from Duff Goldman of “Ace of Cakes” fame. With vanilla cream cheese frosting and buttercream decorations, plus adorable fondant bunny ears, it comes on a silver tray for easy presentation. For 8 to 10 people.

$69.95 at Goldbelly

Junior Cheesecake Easter Egg Cheesecake

Order Junior’s Famous Original New York Cheesecake right to your doorstep, made even more special with a festive Easter Holiday design. From the Brooklyn, New York landmark, in business since 1950, you’ll get a 9-inch egg-shaped cheesecake covered in chocolate ganache and hand-decorated with pastel swirls and curls. In a word? Wow. For eight people.

$59.95 at Goldbelly

Bread and Roses Bakery Easter Bunny Sugar Cookies

If Easter desserts get much cuter than these Easter bunny sugar cookies, we’d love to see them. From the bakery in Ogunquit, Maine come these six hand-decorated cookies, made simply with butter, flour, cane sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, baking powder and food coloring. Almost (we said, almost) too adorbs to eat.

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