20 Hawaiian Recipes – Hawaiian-Inspired Dishes


Hawaiian food has such a breadth of flavors, variety, and history. Whether or not you’re on the Big Island, we’ve got plenty of Hawaiian-inspired recipes you might need to incorporate into your weeknight dinner rotation. You’re probably familiar with poke bowls (filled with fresh, sushi-grade tuna), or even the components of a classic Hawaiian plate, loco moco, and my favorite, Spam musubi.

Spam deserves all the recognition it can get. And Spam Musubi? It’s an ideal beach snack, picnic or anytime snack. The delicious salty taste of spam and soy sauce mixed with soft sushi rice and nori is a combination that’s hard to beat, and you can fry them for an even more delicious mix of textures. Fun fact: in Hawaii, seven million boxes of spam are consumed per year (that’s almost five times the state’s population!). You might not eat that lots of cans in a year, but you might get close once you try our Spam Breakfast Tacos or our Peanut Butter Spam Shells.

You’re probably no stranger to deliciously buttery, yet slightly sweet Hawaiian rolls. Hawaiian rolls were actually invented by Robert Taira, a Hawaiian-born son of Japanese immigrants. Today, you can find them across the country and in the hearts of every Delish test kitchen editor. They make the best ham and cheese sliders, Hawaiian-inspired hot dog buns, and those awesome Hawaiian s’mores. Do you see our obsession now?

And the pineapple! We could write an entire novel about how much we love him. We can’t get enough of pineapple desserts, and the fruit makes an amazing sweet addition to any chicken marinade. We love all those savory pineapple dishes, especially when it means you can add pineapple to pineapple fried rice.

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