20+ Passover recipes for a fun twist


At its heart, Passover is about tradition and repetition. The purpose of the holiday is to remember – to look back on the history of the Jewish people and to tell the story of the exodus from Egypt using the exact same words and symbols year after year. But just because repetition is central to the holiday ritual doesn’t mean the Seder dinner itself has to be steeped in amber. This is where the celebration evolves. We cook the recipes that we have inherited from the family, but we also embrace the new flavors introduced by guests and by new generations. Personally, I have always used the Seder meal as an opportunity to try foods eaten in Jewish communities in other parts of the world – after all, that night we all partake of the same meal, each in our own way. own table. .

This collection of recipes will add fun new ideas to your Passover table, whether you’re looking to try the traditions of other communities, replace a meat main course with a vegetarian or pescatarian meal, embrace rice and legumes in the part of your vacation for the first time, or simply update your menu with new food trends. There are fun ways to dip your karpas in something other than salt water, add delicious maror to your plate, or explore the culinary traditions of various countries. You’ll also find new ideas for using up your leftovers and, of course, delicious desserts.

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