20 Whole30 Dessert Recipes – The Best Unprocessed Plant-Based Desserts

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The desserts are delicious. End of the story. So if you’re following a strict diet like Whole30 that doesn’t necessarily encourage traditional desserts, you instead need a handy little list of the best Whole30 desserts to add to your repertoire. Keep reading.

Before we dive in, the basics of Whole30: “The Whole30 diet is a restrictive meal plan that focuses on consuming unprocessed foods for 30 days,” Erin Palinski-Wade, RDN, told WH. “The goal is to ‘reset’ your body to curb food cravings, reduce inflammation and improve energy rather than focusing on weight loss.” Overall, all processed foods, breads, grains, rice, oats, beans or legumes, milk made from dairy products, yogurt or cheese are prohibited.

It’s definitely a more restrictive diet, which isn’t always the way to go depending on your relationship to food. “Dieting can lead to thinking with a restrictive mindset, which unfortunately can lead you to make bad choices in the long run,” Marisa Moore, RDN, told WH. Basically, proceed with caution and absolutely consult a doctor before diving.

That said, if you’re ready to give Whole30 a try, here’s what you can make when it comes to Whole30 and the desserts: soft serve ice cream, fudge, fruit pastries, puddings, smoothies, and more. * Lick lips *

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