25 Best Costco Frozen Foods

Costco’s freezers can be a wonder to explore, as you can find an amazing array of great items, from ice cream cakes to crab legs. We highlight some of the most exciting frozen food deals you could find at your local store – all 25 best frozen foods at costco!

Note that the usual Costco caveats apply: price and availability fluctuations are common, and some items can only be found in store in limited areas.

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Best Costco Frozen Foods

Kirkland Signature Cauliflower Crust Pizza, Supreme, 2 Count

Typically priced under $11 for a 2-pack, it’s a bargain for pizzas that offer a crispy crust and are loaded with toppings.

Kevin’s Natural Foods Teriyaki Style Paleo Chicken Stir Fry

This stir-fry meal can be made in minutes and includes soy-free teriyaki sauce.

Amylu White Cheddar Caramelized Onion Chicken Burgers

These burgers are delicious – and provide an impressive 19g of protein. Usually priced around $15 a box.

Bachan Original Japanese BBQ Sauce

This Japanese barbecue sauce, which is usually priced just under $10, has developed a passionate following among the Costco crowd. Only downside: its sodium content is high, so consume in moderation.

Boba Bam Instant Boba Pack

These Boba Bam packs are an easy way to create your own authentic Taiwanese instant boba. Available in brown sugar flavor and usually priced around $11.99.

Lily’s Toaster Racks

Making delicious grilled cheese sandwiches has never been easier! Just pop them in the toaster and they’re ready in minutes. An 8-pack usually costs just under $10.

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Tropicland Sweet Potato Fries

These sweet potato fries are vegan and gluten-free and are perfect for cooking in an air fryer.

Italiano Caramel Macchiato Dessert Cups

It’s like getting your favorite fancy coffee and a sweet after-dinner treat all in one, and it costs less than $12!

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Motor City Pizza Co. Motor City Pizza Co. Detroit Style Double Pepperoni Deep Dish Pizza.

Here is a find that all lovers of deep pizzas will love! A hearty meal like this is great value at under $12.

Twisted frozen yogurt

This frozen yogurt tastes great and is also good for you because it’s packed with probiotics. At under $15 for a box of 18, it’s a great way to ensure you always have a guilt-free snack on hand.

Red’s Turkey Sausage Breakfast Burritos

At under $14 for a box of 10, these breakfast burritos don’t break the bank and provide 18g of protein.

La Boulangerie Smoked Ham & Swiss Cheese Pockets

These ham and cheese pockets make a great quick snack and are easy to reheat in the microwave by kids themselves.

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Alden’s Organic Root Beer Floating Ice Cream Bars

Enjoy the nostalgic escape of a root beer float in the convenient form of an ice cream bar, for less than $13 a box.

Tattooed Chef Plant-Based Burrito Bowls

These protein-packed burrito bowls from Tattooed Chef appear to be a recent arrival at Costco, so you may be among the first to enjoy them.

Skinny Butcher Crispy Plant-Based Chicken Breast

If you’re skeptical of a plant-based product’s ability to deliver the crispy chicken experience, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You’ll want to stock up on these ready-to-heat meals from Skinny Butcher.

Real Good Foods Co. Supreme Pizza Bowls

Check out these pizza bowls from Real Good Foods to get all the topping-filled satisfaction you crave from supreme pizza, but with tons of protein and fewer carbs.

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Junior Celebration Layer Cake

Priced at around $16.99, this colorful cake from Junior looks like a guaranteed recipe for a festive party!

Brazi Bites Pizza Bites

The secret to the savory, cheesy flavor of these pizza bites? The cheese bread dough that Brazi Bites does so well.

Jonny Pops Organic Dairy Free Watermelon Pops

The perfect refreshing treat on a hot summer day, these watermelon popsicles taste great and cost around $11.99 for a box of 18.

Cali’flour Foods Hearty Vegetable Lasagna

Think vegetarian lasagna can’t be delicious? Then you probably haven’t tried this grain-free and gluten-free offering from Cali’flour Foods. It is made from simple and healthy ingredients yet full of flavor.

Morey’s Marinated Wild Alaskan Salmon

One Reddit user gave this wild Alaskan salmon from Morey’s a “10/10,” while another noted that he stopped buying fresh salmon altogether after discovering this frozen alternative.

Crazy Cuizine Tangerine Chicken

If you like your orange chicken to have a zesty citrus flavor, you’ll love this! Be sure to add it to your shopping list.

SeaPak Garlic Butter Shrimp

You’ll be ready to throw a seafood feast if you stock up on these 2-pound cans of Tailless SeaPak Shrimp topped with a blend of garlic, butter, and white wine.

Mini cheesecakes for juniors

These mini cheesecakes are just the right size to give you the perfect drowsiness of cheesecake indulgence without overdoing it. The 24-unit box usually costs less than $20 and includes an assortment of three flavors.

La Vie French Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwiches

At less than $16 for a box of 8, these decadent ice cream sandwiches will give you the experience of an upscale frozen French dessert without the cost.

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