25 soft food ideas that will leave you feeling full and satisfied


Dumplings, which are ubiquitous in many cultures, serve much the same purpose as oatmeal and polenta in that they provide a soft, easy-to-swallow, and satisfying side dish to accompany a number of dishes. salted and in sauce. However, dumplings, which are made with flour, water and salt, tend to be softer and even easier to swallow than grits and polenta, which are made from ground corn (which is coarser than flour).

Depending on the culture, dumplings may also contain other ingredients. For example, Italian ravioli, called gnocchi, are usually made from mashed potatoes and/or ricotta, in addition to flour. According to Fox Valley Foodie, German meatballs, or spaetzle, are smaller than gnocchi and thicker.

Chinese har gau (or har gow) dumplings are made from a mixture of wheat flour and tapioca starch and are usually formed into thin pancakes and filled with a mild, flavorful mixture of meats and/or of vegetables, according to the school of Wok. Other Chinese dumplings can be made with rice or rice flour, while other Asian cultures will also have their own flavor and flavor.

The Jewish knaidel dumpling is made from matzo flour rather than flour and is almost always served in chicken soup (via TIME). Southern cuisine also has its own version of ravioli, which are usually served with a slow-cooked chicken stew, as they are in this chicken and ravioli recipe.

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