26 Best Orange Recipes – Easy Ideas For What To Make With Oranges



Knock Knock! Who is here? Orange. Orange who? Orange Glad we’ve rounded up a bunch of sweet and savory recipes showcasing this spectacular fruit? Oranges are truly one of the most versatile fruits and can be an integral part of recipes ranging from fruity desserts to citrusy dinners, with healthy drinks and snacks in between. Check out our 26 recipes for ideas.

When we talk about “oranges”, what do we really mean? There are over 300 types of oranges, so it’s not as easy as just grabbing any old orange fruit. The most readily available option is called a navel orange, and like the ubiquitous delicious red apple, it really isn’t that tasty to eat. or juice. Looking for juice? Opt for a tangerine or Valencia orange, which tend to be sweeter and juicier. Fancy an orange to snack on? Try a tangerine, clementine or Cara Cara orange. Looking for something a little off the beaten path? Try a blood orange or a Tangelo (like a cross between a tangerine and a pomelo, which looks a bit like an oversized grapefruit). Obviously, there are A LOT of options, so use these pointers to get started, then get creative with the types you can find.

Now that you have your oranges in hand, what should you do with them? You can whip up something classic sweet, like our Citrus Upside-Down Cake, Ambrosia Salad, or Orange Marmalade. Tip: rub the orange zest in your sugar before mixing it with other ingredients to infuse EXTRA citrus flavor. Or go savory, with the ever-favorite Sticky Orange Chicken, our Citrus Glazed Chicken, or our Shrimp Ceviche (oranges are one of the fruits that help “cook” shrimp without heat).

And you can’t forget the drinks! If you’re the type to drink a glass of orange juice with your breakfast, you’ll love our creamsicle milkshake for an afternoon treat. Want something more boozy? You can’t beat a simple mimosa, of course, but orange juice is also great in mixed cocktails like our frozen negroni or orange crush.

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