3 adorable ideas to break the ice in your arranged marriage

Meeting your soul mate in an arranged marriage can feel like fate. But you may feel like there is more to your partner than there seems to be. However, getting to know your spouse on a deeper level is easier said than done as there can be awkward silences between the two of you. So it is imperative that you set the right tone for warmth and love by breaking the ice between the two of you once and for all. Well, you can use the following tips to make yourself more comfortable with your partner.

  1. Cook for each other

Cooking is not only an important life skill, but a shared activity that can help you bond. So, ask your partner to come up with ingredients for his favorite dish and cook it for him. Using their help to dice vegetables and work together to make a sinful dessert can bring you closer.

  1. Make them meet your best friends

Another great way to break the ice is to invite them and their best friend over for dinner and drinks with you and your best friend. Even if the two of you both feel uncomfortable, you can be sure your friends won’t. They can be the best icebreakers and lead the conversation to a place where you uncover fun secrets about your partner’s childhood that would otherwise be a mystery to you.

  1. Find your sensations in an amusement park

If an uncapped date is on the cards, take your partner to an amusement park. This allows both of you to participate in exciting activities without waiting for the other to strike up a conversation. So bring out your wild side at a water park and you’ll both find yourself laughing like kids in no time. You can even hold hands or depend on each other for moral support on more adventurous rides like roller coasters, which will help you create great memories.

amusement park fun

While you may start to feel like strangers, these activities can make you feel like you’ve known your partner forever!

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