30 baby shower ideas for Valentine’s Day

If you’re planning a baby shower for the month of February, it makes sense to make it a Valentine’s Day themed event. With heart-shaped decor, treats, and games lining the aisles of nearly every store, it won’t be hard to find plenty of festive Valentine’s Day baby shower ideas to celebrate mom and her sweetheart. In fact, the hardest part of throwing a Cupid-inspired shower might be not going overboard with all the pretty, sparkly, pink, and red supplies that are on hand this time of year.

Still, there’s a difference between loading up your basket with pretty V-Day decor and planning and hosting a shower for someone you love. Hosting a baby shower takes a lot of time, planning, and work, regardless of the theme. So if you need help finding Valentine’s Day baby shower ideas, here are a few to get you started.

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Valentine’s Day Baby Shower Invitations

First, you’ll need to create an invitation for the party that appropriately matches the mood you’re going for. You can keep it general with an invite covered in hearts and Xs and Bones, or maybe you want more of a rainbow candy heart theme, or maybe a more romantic look for Valentine’s Day with lots of flowers and lace. Remember that your invitation is going to set the expectations of your guests, so whether you want the event to be fancy or fancy, make sure the invitation reflects that.

Decorations for a Valentine’s Day baby shower

Luckily, if you’re having your Valentine’s Day baby shower in February, you won’t have to search for party decorations at all. Again, how much you lean into the topic of love depends on your tastes (and those of the mom-to-be). A few little heart accents and bouquets of flowers will bring a warm, romantic feel, while balloons, banners, and anything heart-shaped will really make the Valentine’s Day theme clear (and it will make it look like Cupid himself decorated the space).

Valentine’s Day Baby Shower Cakes and Desserts

While the highlight of the party for mom is all the presents she can open, for the guests it’s usually the food they can enjoy, especially the desserts. Again, finding something themed will be easy, as any Valentine’s Day decorated dessert will do for the shower, so you probably won’t have to do anything special (unless you want to, well sure). When it comes to dessert to serve, the most obvious and classic is cake or cupcakes, but cake pops, cookies, and chocolate covered treats are just as delicious and much easier to eat.

Games and Activities for a Valentine’s Day Baby Shower

Of all the Valentine’s Day baby shower ideas, the hardest to find are appropriate (and fun) games and activities for the guests. You can stick with the standard baby shower games if you want or think of ways to give them a Valentine’s Day twist instead. For example, instead of the classic “don’t say ‘baby'” game, turn it into a “don’t say ‘love'” game. Here are some other games and activities to consider for your guests:

  • Ask guests to guess how many Hershey kisses are in a jar
  • Race to see who can list the most love with “baby” in the title in 60 seconds
  • Freeze little hearts inside ice cubes, whoever melts first wins a prize
  • Valentine’s Day Themed Onesie Decoration
  • Hide 10 gold hearts around the party space, and whoever can find them all first wins
  • Classic diaper raffle, but with a Valentine’s Day-themed prize

Valentine’s Day Themed Baby Shower Favors

Of course, you don’t want to send your guests home empty-handed. After taking time out of their days and buying gifts for mom and her baby, they deserve a little something for themselves, right? Basically, anything goes when it comes to baby shower favors, but if you want to stay on theme, consider heart-shaped candles or soaps, decorated Valentine’s Day treats (pretzels dipped in chocolate, anyone?) or bracelets.

Luckily, Valentine’s Day baby shower ideas aren’t terribly hard to come by, so while it will inevitably take some time and work to throw the shower, at least the decor and supplies will be easy to find. All the planning will be worth it in the end, because there’s no doubt the mom-to-be will feel all the love at the party.

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