30 Cute Party Ideas for Galentine’s Day 2022

Looking to get your girlfriends together for a fun day or evening? Galentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to come together in one space for a special (and love-filled) celebration. With the responsibilities of everyday life, it can be difficult to make time to find your closest friends. While casual dates and FaceTime calls throughout the year are great ways to stay in touch, it can become difficult to schedule more hangouts when your schedule is hectic.

So for this romantic holiday, you can organize a Galentine party bring everyone together (and show them how much you care). As we like to share the best Galentine’s Day gifts we think your BFFs would love, we’ve put together a list of cute Party ideas for Saint-Galentine to consider. From an at-home spa day full of face masks, from amateur massages and culinary ideas (think delicious desserts) to a stiletto dance class to fill you and your friends with confidence, check out our list of Galentine’s Day party ideas that are sure to be hits. memorable experiences.

Galentine’s Best Party Ideas

Wine and Chocolate Evening

Wine and chocolate make a great combination. Include a variety of options (maybe even those chocolate caramel cookies) and enjoy a night of drunken laughter and fun.

rom-com movie night

Gather your girls for an evening of watching your favorite romantic movies. There are plenty of options to continue your evening (including Jack and Rose’s heartfelt but ill-fated love story of The Titanic).

Day V Brunch

Brunch is an excuse for friends to have fun, relax and feast on the delicious dishes presented to them. Add a V-Day twist to a weekend brunch with our Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas.

DIY photo booth

It’s always a pleasure to take pictures. They are also perfect for preserving special moments. Set up your own photo booth with a V-Day themed backdrop for you and your girlfriends to capture the celebration.

Paint and sip

Painting and sipping are two things that mix instantly. While you can reserve a space for this event, you can also gather your own materials and ask your friends to bring their favorite drinks for an at-home art session.

game night

Playing games can keep the party engaging. You can create your own games, such as Valentine’s Day Family Feud or a V-Day Treasure Hunt. You can even buy a classic (like Friend or Faux).


Stiletto dance lessons

Keep everyone’s body moving with a dance class. Add to sexy stilettos and you’ve boosted everyone’s confidence. They will be ready to accept any potential date that the holidays may bring.

Flower arranging lessons

Flowers are common Valentine’s Day gifts. Book a flower arranging class or host one at your home. Check out our list of flowers with surprising meanings you’ll want to know before sending them as gifts.

A weekend getaway

Road trips and weekend getaways are a great way to leave behind the stress of work and daily chores (at least for a few days). Book a girls trip and enjoy an eventful celebration you’ll remember.

Appreciation Notes

During your party, make time for your girlfriends to write notes of appreciation to each other. Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating your loving friendships, so sharing your favorite qualities you admire in your friends will bring tears of joy and “aww” moments. Check out our DIY Valentine’s Day card ideas to help make that idea a reality.

Slumber party

Sleepovers can encompass many activities. You and your girls can watch romantic movies, try on different face masks, and catch up on everything you’ve missed since you last met.

party ideas for galentine's slumber party

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Romantic book club

Calling all book lovers! Organize an evening at a book club, where you will all gather at your house to exchange and read your favorite romantic books. During the celebration, you can discuss what you like about your chosen novels and what aspects you would like to implement in your own romantic life.

Mani and Pedi

Gather your girls for a manicure and pedicure makeover. It’s a relaxing idea for you and your friends to unwind after a long day. Plus, it’s the perfect way to kick off your weekend and ease any tension while you’re at it.

pastry festival

One of the best parts of Galentine’s Day are the treats. Check out our roundup of Valentine’s Day desserts you can all make to take back to your loved ones (and eat for yourselves).

Group fitness classes

Training can bring people together. What better way to get everyone’s blood pumping than with a group fitness class? You can host it at your place or book a space or a course. Some V-Day options include pole dancing, aerial hoop and silk classes.

puppy play date

Invite your friends over for a date with a dog. Dogs are the kings and queens of hugs and affection. Hosting a home game date will bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

Karaoke night

Have everyone sing along to romantic tunes by hosting a karaoke party. Buy your own microphone and karaoke set, or sing and dance to your favorite music videos on your TV.

galentines day karaoke party ideas


DIY Planter Party

Plant lovers will love the idea of ​​a planter party. It’s an easy and engaging craft that will leave everyone with a gift to take home.

Fondue evening

Sharing a pot of melted cheese (or chocolate for dessert) is a gesture that can only represent love. Host a fondue party full of marshmallows, strawberries, and any other goodies you can think of.

Mixology Course

Book a V-Day mixology class where everyone can learn how to make fruity and festive cocktails. Here’s our roundup of easy V-Day drinks you can whip up to toast the holidays.

V-day dress code

Ask your friends to dress up in V-Day themed colors (red, pink and white) or come in full costume. Some ideas include coming as a box of chocolates or a giant heart.

Personalized gift bags

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Host a goodie bag party, where you supply your friends with the materials they need to create their own personalized tote. Invite them to fill it with delicious treats and little gadgets. You can even give them toh spread some love.

secret cupid

If you’re new to Secret Cupid, you can make it a new Galentine’s Day tradition. Once you have a list of participants, randomly choose names from a bowl and award gifts to each person. If your friends don’t all know each other, have a brief virtual introduction (or email one) and ask them to come together to present their gifts on your birthday. It’s a great way for new friends to connect with old ones.

Wine exchange

This BYOB event is creative and fun, especially for all wine lovers. Let your friends bring their favorite wine (red, sparkling or white) and let the taste test begin. You can even ask your guests to bring two bottles of the same type, so you can get a few out at the end of the evening.

galentines day wine swap party ideas

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Polaroid pictures

Capture the V-Day celebration by investing in a Polaroid. Polaroids print photos in place, making it easy to record and store your favorite memories.

Favorite things party

If you’re looking for a simple yet festive way for your friends to learn more about each other, throw a favorite things party! Have everyone bring two identical gifts with one or more of their favorite items (you can set a budget). When your friends arrive, put their names in a bowl, ask them to share what they like best (and why they chose them), then offer it to the person whose name was chosen.

spa day

Spa days can be essential to your mental and physical well-being. Host a spa party at home or plan a spa outing with your girls for the day.

To taste

Cut your sandwiches into cute and appetizing hearts. Don’t forget to include heart-shaped cookies and a chocolate-themed dessert tea. You can even add a chocolate fountain to keep with the theme.

Wreath making

Crafts are always great for bringing people together, so why not throw a DIY wreath party? From pink paper flower wreaths to upcycled chocolate box wreaths, there’s no shortage of ideas to spark everyone’s creativity. You can check out our DIY Valentine’s Day wreaths for options your friends can recreate.

Rent a restaurant or bar

Go beyond that and rent a bar or restaurant (or maybe just the back room) so you and the girls can enjoy the best of both worlds: dining out and privacy.

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