30 takeout options for Thanksgiving dinner


Thanksgiving is all about getting together as a family, enjoying each other’s company, and wolfing down delicious food. And while it’s a day of gratitude and love, it can also be incredibly chaotic with all the prep work involved.

What if things felt a lot more relaxed and laid back? Without distractions in the kitchen, you could all be watching the holiday parade, watching a football game on TV, or cheering on your favorite dog at the National Dog Show. What if, after stuffing yourself with stuffing, you had time to go out and take a walk?

What if, on your long list of things to be grateful for this year, you made this quiet Thanksgiving possible because you planned ahead and ordered a gourmet Takeout Thanksgiving Meal November 24? These delivery services prepare turkey, a variety of side dishes and traditional desserts. If that sounds like a very yummy idea to you, we’ve found the 30 best pre-prepared Thanksgiving dinners available (just a few clicks away) this year!

Whether you choose delivery or takeout, these pre-prepared Thanksgiving meal options will leave you with more time for fun on November 24.

Thanksgiving dinners to go

Cracker Barrel

Bonus: you can do a little gift shopping when you pick up your pre-prepared Thanksgiving dinner. Leave it to Cracker Barrel to put Southern-inspired homestyle turkey and sides on your holiday table. No matter the size of your group, there are options for everyone, and if you only want to order pies? It’s entirely possible.

Williams Sonoma

Nothing says classic and chic like Williams-Sonoma’s interior decor, kitchen accessories, and food. They offer a few different options depending on your group size.

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Harry & David

If you’ve been lucky enough to receive a gourmet gift basket or other gift item from this West Coast treasure, you’ll know they can whip up an unforgettable Thanksgiving meal for you. Their “Wow” holiday meal is the most popular and feeds up to 20 people.

whole foods

This grocery store offers a plethora of organic and healthy food options. Let them prepare your Thanksgiving meal, full of fresh and nutritious ingredients. Note: they have a vegan option for Thanksgiving, using tried and true tasty recipes.

purple carrot

Here’s another good vegan option, but only available to those with a mail-order subscription. With mouth-watering entrees like Cashew Cheese-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes and Pear and Cranberry Crisp, it might just be worth it.


Their popular take-out turkey and dressing returns to participating Denny’s nationwide, with generous portions for four. Their restaurants are also open on Thanksgiving Day.

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Subway dinner

With restaurants in twelve states, this could be a good option for a takeout Thanksgiving meal. If you don’t want to wait until November 24, they are already serving the optional traditional holiday dinner (which started on November 14).

The Honey Baked Ham Co.

This catered meal is available for pickup or shipping. You can order ham, turkey breast or a whole turkey. So many tempting options to meet your desires and your budget!

Cheer! Italian food

This restaurant offers all the items on the traditional Thanksgiving menu and some favorite Italian options as well. Reserve a table for dinner or call to order a Feast to Go.

Kitchen Louisiana Popeyes

Spice up your Thanksgiving meal this year with a Cajun-style turkey from Popeyes Restaurants. They offer delivery, but if you schedule a pre-order pickup, you can choose from a number of iconic South Sides for an additional cost.

Bob Evans

Pre-order a premium farm feast at any of their nearly 500 locations, with plenty of options to customize your order. Special note: they are also open for breakfast on Thanksgiving Day.

Boston Market

If you’re more in the mood for rotisserie chicken (don’t worry, they also offer ham or turkey), or if you just fancy the delicious sides this restaurant chain is famous for, Boston Market has it covered. you need. Plus, they’re open on Thanksgiving Day if you want a food option.

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When planning Thanksgiving, be sure to check with your local grocery store to see what take-out meal options they offer. These meals are very customizable, and being in a grocery store, you can choose a few other family favorites.

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Publix Super Markets

If you’re in the southeastern United States, there’s probably a Publix not too far from where you live. They offer a traditional meal, including Boar’s Head products.

Omaha Steaks

If you’re looking for variety on your Thanksgiving table, including delicious beef options, this online store, based in the heartland of America, certainly has it covered.

Buca di Beppo

With 68 locations in a number of states across the country, this Italian restaurant is another great option for family-style meals to take out or pre-order.

blue apron

This subscription meal delivery service offers a classic turkey dinner, cooked ham, and a vegetarian meal option. Order as part of a Blue Apron subscription through the website and mobile app, or without a subscription through Blue Apron’s Market and Walmart.com.

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home cook

This private meal kit delivery service also offers meals available in the ready-to-eat section of Kroger stores. A subscription is required for a Thanksgiving meal delivery, but customers can cancel the subscription at any time.


Well named, right? Yes, the company admits it was inspired by its favorite holidays when choosing a name. This courier delivery service also offers breakfast options, which can often be overlooked on the day of the party.

magic kitchen

If you have any dietary restrictions (such as low sodium or diabetic friendly), their website clearly outlines your options. In particular, this meal service business caters to the nutritional needs of seniors.

hello fresh

This popular mail-order meal kit company offers a Thanksgiving box that includes turkey or beef tenderloin, with plenty of sides and a list of entrees, including a charcuterie platter. It’s a one-stop shop!


This mail order service is for the New York metro area, which may have limited access to some of the other options on our list. If you’re looking for local, farm-fresh food to serve 2-12 Thanksgiving guests, FreshDirect takes the orders. They also offer seasonal service to Eastern Long Island and the Jersey Shore.

Burger Smokehouse

This Midwestern retail company offers artisan smoked and cured meats. Get a la carte menu items including their famous meats – turkey of course, but also options of prime rib, rib eye or barbecued ribs.

MacKenzie Limited

If you’re considering ordering from this east coast option, perhaps start with their delicious desserts and then start planning the main course.

belly of gold

This delivery service offers selections from all over the country. Yes, you have plenty of options to order all patches.

Having dinner

With a subscription and using a coupon, this meal option turns out to be both delicious and economical. They have a great selection of mouth-watering options, so happy scrolling.

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This meal delivery service offers single-serving Thanksgiving dinners, giving you all the traditional dishes you crave, without all the leftovers. They are known to be fast and nutritious. Subscription required.

Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon

Truly a heavenly pairing, with Martha Stewart’s signature recipes delivered right to your door. This meal delivery service is a little different. Customers get the ingredients they need to cook a delicious dinner themselves “from scratch”. This kit feeds 8 to 10 people. Subscription required.


Take-out Thanksgiving meals are available at Costco food courts. They include all the traditional entrees, plus fruit, ranch veggies, and salads. Selection will vary by location. Membership required.

Butcher’s shop

This subscription meal service stands out as being animal welfare certified. Excellent quality meat to accompany the sides of your choice. This service is for meat only.

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