4 exciting first date ideas to seduce your sweetie this summer


The joy of a summer romance is unmatched as it provides you with glorious weather and ample time with your darling under sunny skies. Whether you have a scorching summer adventure in mind or something enduring like courting your long-term soul mate; we have some outdoor date ideas that can help you win their hearts. Take a look at the exciting first date plans you can use to enchant your date this summer with the best-planned date.

  1. Go in tandem

Nothing breaks the ice like a shared sporting activity. Well, almost everyone learned to ride a bike as a kid. So, riding a tandem bike gives you both the exclusive opportunity to see how well you tend to work as a team. This is a plan well suited to those who prefer an active, sporty lifestyle rather than a passive date.

  1. Go kayaking on the local river

If you’re dating someone who loves bodies of water, choose a short boat ride or even go kayaking with your bae. This gives you the ability to have a great private conversation with your date without being interrupted by nosy waiters in a restaurant or even constant phone calls because your only focus would be rowing and over each other.

  1. Plan a luxurious picnic with champagne and gourmet treats

Dreamy summer picnics are something every girl dreams of. So, charm your boo with a well-planned picnic with a twist. Fill the usual picnic basket with champagne, bruschetta, a cheese platter or charcuterie and exotic berries. You can also take your date’s favorite desserts with you. Take a little book of sonnets by legendary poets with you and read it to your lady in the park. Such a romantic picnic is sure to earn you brownie points!

first summer date

  1. Opt for a drive in or outdoor film

Many cities now have outdoor drive-ins where you can watch a movie from the comfort of your car. Pack your automobile with his favorite snacks and be sure to install a good car scent before heading out on that date.

These date ideas allow you to make the most of the warm weather with outdoor dates during the summer!

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