4 fun fitness ideas to try this winter


Stay in shape while remaining comfortable? Challenge accepted.

Long nights and cool days aren’t always the best recipe for being productive when it comes to exercising, staying active and eating well. But, instead of just dragging your quilt from your bedroom to your couch this season, let us suggest four unusual ways to get your heart rate up that are definitely worth completing.

The first step? Make sure you’re well fueled with enough protein to keep you going during each workout – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on that front too…


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Yes, it’s puppy pilates. Imagine the scene: you have a gym ball squeezed between your thighs while an extra weight is placed on your stomach, except that particular weight happens to be an adorable doggo. Nothing to complain about here, is there?

Students are the last exercise to try with a small dog, whether it’s yours or another class member’s that is causing havoc in the studio. Of course, the dog-filled environment is to be taken with a pinch of salt – as obviously no pet is likely to stay on a single Pilates mat for too long – but dog lovers are sure to reap the rewards. 80/20 exercise -to-canine cuddles, while buzzing with puppy energy around the room.

Protein-fix: After class, reward yourself with a tasty dessert that will keep you looking fit and cute in style. Lindahls Protein Chocolate Pudding is high in protein (14g per tub), low in fat and low in sugar. Great for curling up on the couch after training (kudos if you add a pet in this scenario too.)

fun winter fitness ideas


Bounce classes

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Think mini, individual trampolines and maximum fun (and endorphins). This intense cardio and muscular endurance workout will develop your coordination and balance without straining your joints, as it is low impact. Jumping on a trampoline also helps with lymph circulation (which helps your body filter out toxins) as well as strengthening your heart and lungs. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to unleash your inner child and jump, jump and go down!

Protein-fix: Reward yourself after learning a few trampoline routines with Lindahls Pro+ jars, which contain 18g of protein per jar. Lemon cheesecake, anyone?

fun winter fitness ideas



A teenage girl climbing a bouldering wall at a sport climbing gym in Japan

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Have you ever heard the saying that if you want a rock hard body, you better go rock climbing? Okay, neither do we, but indoor rock climbing (AKA bouldering) is the perfect high-intensity exercise for anyone trying to build muscle. Not only is it a fun workout that you can do at your own pace and skill level, but it will also help develop your body awareness, overall balance, and mental courage. This all sounds pretty good to us, TBH.

Protein-fix: Most block gyms have cafes for socializing and refueling. Mix protein-rich Kvarg from Lindahl with berries and nuts for your post-climb snack.

fun winter fitness ideas


surf fitness

athletic fit young woman performing a regular surfer pose on a surfset fitness board in a high key gym with potted plants in a health and fitness concept


Can’t make it to the water or the waves right now? No problem. You can still enjoy the beach benefits of being a surfer dude (minus the wipeouts) from the comfort of your own city. Surfset fitness uses dynamic movements on a swing board to promote good balance and lean limbs. You’ll experience a side-to-side swish motion, while perfecting your transitions from “prone to standing on the board.”

Protein-fix: This workout requires full body endurance, so make sure you have energy drinks or snacks in your gym bag, like Lindahls Pro+ drink which has 23g of protein in each bottle.

fun winter fitness ideas


And finally, if you really don’t feel like leaving your area in the near future, be sure to take advantage of the cool, clear days as you walk around the park. Or, you know, dust off those trusty roller skates and knee pads and pretend you’re in an American teen sitcom while rolling along with a proper ’00s soundtrack…

Stock up on post-fitness treats with the Lindahls range, available in the fresh yoghurt aisle at all major retailers.

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