4th of July decorations: 14 best ideas for a fun and festive holiday

If you’re looking for 4th of July decorations, whether it’s ideas for a barbecue you’re hosting, a family party, or just want to inject your everyday decor with a dose of stars and stripes, start here. .

The 4th of July marks America’s birthday and the peak of the summer season, so it goes without saying that it’s an occasion worth celebrating. How you decorate for the holidays will depend on how much effort you want to put into your Independence Day look, and whether you’re decorating indoors or outdoors.

From porch flags to stars and stripes themed house accents to patriotic tableware, there are plenty of ways to make sure your home, barbecue or pool party looks festive for the holidays. fourth.

4th of July decorating ideas

Set the stage for the celebration with these red, white and blue decorating ideas.

1. Try a muted version of red, white and blue

lounge chairs with blue and red cushions

(Image credit: Serena & Lily)

To make your decor last all season, try a pale blue and a coral red. The combination still looks patriotic, but you’ll get more life out of the cushions than if you were to put them away right after the holidays.

2. Integrate your food into the decor

4th of july candy

(Image credit: Williams Sonoma)

If you’re having a 4th of July party or barbecue this year, simplify your to-do list by incorporating your desserts into the decor. Fill mason jars with a mix of red, white and blue candies, or bake cupcakes in American-themed pans.

3. Hang pom poms on the porch


(Image credit: future)

For an unexpected porch idea, use red, white, and blue tissue paper to create pom poms, then hang them from the ceiling or porch railing. No porch? Try hanging them from a tree. As a bonus, it makes a fun activity for kids on summer vacation.

4. Mix and Match Vintage Porcelain

platinum jubilee party ideas with tea table and cake

(Image credit: Oka)

What better reason to eat your fancy china than America’s birthday? Fancy doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend a fortune on a new set of Independence Day themed plates. Instead, collect pieces in shades of red, white, and blue from thrift stores and antique shops. You’ll likely find plenty of options that won’t break your back, plus it’s a fun collectible.

5. Go all out with your patriotic décor

house decorated for 4th of july

(Image credit: Nora Murphy Country House)

When it comes to decorating for the 4th of July, more can definitely be more. Connecticut-based design expert Nora Murphy (opens in a new tab) styled this layered 4th of July look with streamers hung atop her home, flags placed in outdoor planters, and a sophisticated yet inviting table space on her lawn. Get inspired by her cute garden party ideas for your own event.

‘I dressed the house inside and out with bigger buntings [I found at] flags.com (opens in a new tab) and Brimfield Antique Market, as well as small flags on sticks from the hardware store,” says Murphy.

Although the look is complete, it works because all of Murphy’s decor matches its central theme. “For maximum style impact, keep your theme focused,” she says. “To get this party look, I pulled all the red, white, and blue I had.”

6. Set the table in red, white and blue

memorial day tablescape

(Image credit: Dimples and Tangles)

Start your 4th of July celebration first thing in the morning with a patriotic breakfast table setup, like Jennifer Griffin (opens in a new tab) done, above. Define the base with a red and white gingham tablecloth, then add rattan or natural fiber placemats and blue and white china to create a layered, elegant look. Finish the vignette with watermelon wedges placed in fruit bowls.

7. Add outdoor cushions

4th of July patio with pillows

(Image credit: Jenny Reimold)

“I love creating a pillowscape using a three-pillow formula on an outdoor sofa by combining a solid, printed pillow and a holiday-inspired patterned pillow like an American flag,” says Jenny Reimold, stylist at interior and HomeGoods (opens in a new tab) style expert, who created the above look for the back porch of her Florida home.

Reimold was also intentional when choosing the best outdoor furniture for her home, opting for pieces that would work for hosting large gatherings like a 4th of July party. “For large patios, treat it like an outdoor family room by opting for a woven wicker outdoor sofa with water-resistant cushions to pair with a coordinating coffee table,” she says.

8. Hang a Flag on the Porch

flag on a porch

(Image credit: Getty Images)

No summer porch decor would be complete without a nod to the USA. With Memorial Day kicking off the season and the 4th of July right in the middle, red, white and blue are a must for the porch.

An easy way to rock the look? Hang an American flag by its grommets from the roof of your porch.

9. Hang a flag above the mantle

american flag on coat

(Image credit: Michaela Diane Designs)

Decorating for the 4th of July tends to be outdoors, as that’s where most celebrations typically take place. But, if you want your love of the stars and stripes on full display indoors, there’s no better place than right above the coat.

Hanging a flag in this centerpiece of decorating real estate is all the patriotism a room needs. Plus, it’s an easy item for swapping mantel decor ideas: just push clear thumbtacks into the top corners of the flag (tap gently with a hammer if you need to), or tape the flag to the wall with transparent control clips. .

Bonus points if you can find a vintage flag, like in the house above by Micheala Diane Designs (opens in a new tab).

10. Plant patriotic flowers

red white blue flowers

(Image credit: proven winners)

To easily celebrate America’s birthday throughout the summer season, plant hanging baskets with red, white and blue flowers.

Looking for the best hanging basket plants for a 4th of July themed dresser? Proven Plant Brand Winners (opens in a new tab) offers you these flower combinations.

  • Superbells Double Ruby Double Calibrachoa (a Calibrachoa hybrid) +Laguna Dark Blue (Rear Lobelia)+ Bacopa Snowstorm Snow Globe (Bacopa)
  • Supertunia Mini Vista White (a Petunia hybrid) + Superbells Red (a Calibrachoa hybrid)

11. Take it to the garden

backyard party with croquet

(Image credit: Jon Day Photography / Future PLC)

If you’re planning a backyard party for the Fourth, why not choose activities that double as decor? Think: a wooden croquet set, cornhole boards or rings with navy and red accents, or awning striped lounge chairs in similar tones.

12. Go sophisticated with a layered table

4th of july table setup

(Image credit: Nora Murphy Country House)

This table, designed by Murphy, alludes to the Americana theme without going overboard on flag prints or literal patterns.

To get the look, layer the flatware with various red, white and blue flatware to reinforce the summer theme. “Set the table with larger-scale kitchen towels for placemats and napkins, and put the napkin rings to work,” Murphy says. “The napkin rings can hold cutlery as well as napkins, which is great for picnics.”

There’s also a lot of crossover between nautical and 4th of July decorating styles, so if you’ve got lots of red and blue navy-inspired accents on hand like Murphy did, decorate with that instead of buy parts especially for the fourth.

13. Decorate the fence

flags on a fence

(Image credit: Getty Images)

If your yard is surrounded by a fence, use it as an anchor point for the stick flag decoration. First, tie two or three flags together at the base using twine or floral wire. Then secure the grouping to your garden fence or gate with zip ties. For greater impact, attach flags every three to five feet along the fence.

14. Hang a garland

remembrance day courtyard party

(Image credit: Next)

Whether you’re looking for patriotic ideas for an outdoor birthday party or a way to decorate indoors, red, white and blue streamers can do the trick. Indoors, hang 4th of July decorations over the fireplace mantle or hang them in front of a window. Outdoors, hang them above the dining table or from the ceiling of your porch or patio.

How do you decorate for the Fourth?

There are a few key elements you will need for any 4th of July decorating scheme. They are:

  • Red, white and blue. The colors of the American flag are perhaps the most important 4th of July decorating theme. Even if you don’t have 4th of July decor, using decorations in this patriotic color palette is enough to set the scene.
  • American flags. Whether you hang an American flag on your porch, place a few in your planters on the front steps, or use flag-themed table linens and dishes, displaying the stars and stripes is a must on the fourth.
  • Fireworks. Fireworks patterns are another must-have 4th of July decoration. Try fireworks-themed centerpieces for your table, hanging firework-shaped LED lights, or firework-printed throw pillows.

What decorations are used for Independence Day?

You’ll find all kinds of decorations with the patriotic themes we mentioned above, but some ideas for incorporating them into your space include:

  • Cushions
  • Tableware and serving pieces
  • Tablecloths and napkins
  • Candles and candlesticks
  • Flowers and vases
  • Outdoor flags and banners

When should you decorate for the Fourth?

The best time to decorate for the Fourth is about two weeks before the holiday so you can enjoy your decorations for a while.

However, if you like to go all out with your decorating ideas, you can really leave some patriotic decor for the first half of the summer season. Start with your Memorial Day decor in mid-May, then leave it until Flag Day in mid-June and Independence Day in July.

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