5 special recipes for children to make at home this Children’s Day


Parents always go the extra mile to make their children happy and little ones love it when loved ones shower them with gifts and every little effort. Children’s day has arrived and you have to think about what to surprise your little ones, right? Well, gifts are always there to brighten up their day, but delicious food is also a good way to make someone happy. And we prepared a list of easy recipes for children that you can prepare for your baby.

Special kid-friendly recipes to make for your little one this Children’s Day:

1. Pancakes

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Winters are already here and you’ll get the juiciest strawberries, blueberries, and more fruit on the market. Make fluffy, fluffy pancakes for your child’s breakfast and top the pancakes with their favorite toppings. There are tons of fruit options to choose from and there are also syrups, chocolate sauce, honey and more to drizzle over a stack of pancakes. These are very easy to make and you can even create some lovely memories with your little one and cook with them. Let them decorate their own pancakes with their favorite fruits. We’re sure they’ll love spending time in the kitchen with their parents.

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2. Heart-Shaped Pizza

special children's recipes

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What kid doesn’t like pizza, right? But they must be tired of eating the same round pizza. How about turning your dough into a heart? Don’t roll your dough into a simple circle, rather try to give it a shape and then add all your sauce and toppings. We’re sure they’ll love a heart-shaped pizza.

3. Cheese Bombs

special children's recipes

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Does your little one love cheese? If so, cheese bombs are a great idea. Imagine your mouth filling with flavored cheese with every bite. Isn’t it tempting? Surprise your child with this special kid-friendly recipe filled with love and oozing cheese in every bite.

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4. Cupcakes

special children's recipes

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You also need options for desserts, right? Every child likes to binge on cupcakes, be it kids or adults. You won’t need a lot of ingredients or tons of hours to bake cupcakes. Accompany your little one in the kitchen and prepare cups of deliciousness.

5. Cheesecake cups

special children's recipes

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How about new twists on good old cheesecakes? You can bake a cheesecake with small baking tools and these are surely very cute. Also, be sure to top your cheesecake bites with their favorite fruits and flavors.

Which of these kid-friendly recipes are you planning to cook for your baby? Let us know!!

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