5 strangest recipes that have pissed off internet users


5 strangest recipes that have pissed off internet users

May 16, 2022, 2:49 p.m.
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Have you tried any of these weird recipes? (Photo credit: YouTube)

Foodies love spending time exploring new recipes and sniffing out delicious new dishes.

However, every once in a while they come across some weird, smelly dishes that can make you “ew” sitting light years away!

Here’s a list of five surprisingly weird street foods discovered by food bloggers in the recent past. Although we can’t rate the taste, we’re pretty sure they’re unhealthy.

A few months ago, a food blogger’s video went viral showing a man making fruit chai in Surat.

When asked what led to this innovation, the vendor says a drunken man once told him that fruit doesn’t go with tea.

In boiling milk, he adds a number of fruits with tea leaves. I can taste the strangeness from miles away!

India’s favorite instant noodle went viral last year in a new avatar. Fanta Maggie!

A vendor in Ghaziabad has started selling Fanta “cooked” Maggi, a carbonated soft drink.

After sautéing onions and chillies, the seller was seen in the viral video boiling the Fanta, then adding Maggi noodles, and seasoning it with amchur powder and coriander powder, chaat masala and lemon juice. Stomach pains!

Mango and cheese ice cream cat

You might often come across food bloggers sharing Gujarat street food, and a common ingredient would be a lot of cheese.

Cheese can be an excellent accompaniment to savory dishes.

However, a food blogger was surprised to see a vendor cooking up a conversation with bread, mango ice cream and cheese! The video drew millions of frowns.

It’s confession time… I love cheese. But that, no thank you!

Bengal’s favorite sweet and pride, rosogolla or rasgulla has had a makeover in Delhi.

A street vendor wanted to be innovative and probably go viral, so he created a rasgulla cat, topping the dessert with yoghurt, dried fruit and tamarind chutney!

Before rasgulla lovers could get over the shock, a vendor in Bengaluru created a tikki version of chaat!

We love watching them make stone cold ice cream. Not only does the rolling process look therapeutic, but you can also customize the ice cream.

However, a street food vendor in Indore did something absolutely appalling.

Ice cream lovers have been confused with her green chilli roll ice cream.

Does the heat of the chilli cancel out the cold ice cream?

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