50 Easy Pie Recipes – Best Homemade Dessert Pie Ideas


At Delish, we’re always in the middle of the pie versus cake argument. It’s hard to win, both arguments are so compelling (and go perfectly with whipped cream or ice cream.) But for those days you just need a hearty slice of buttery crunchy pie, We have what you need. with our top favorite recipes. Our quick and easy pie crust is also much butterier than store-bought (pssst, we have a gluten-free pie crust, too.)

I must confess a personal thing: my favorite dessert found at a wedding was, in fact, a buffet of pies. Cherry pie followed by apple pie, chocolate pie, coconut cream pie, and lemon meringue pie? Absolute happiness. If you’re going for the pie just for your nuptials, let me know. (You might even want to make them mini and assemble a pie tray.)

From pecan pie to pumpkin pie, there’s nothing quite like a warm pie fresh out of the oven in the cooler months – although TBH, we bake pies all year round. And for those days when you just can’t use your oven, we also have all the no-bake pies of your dreams.

Can’t decide between pies? We’ve mixed all your favorites together for when those indecisive cravings strike. Apple crumble pie, banana peanut butter pudding cheesecake pie, and even birthday cake pie are all easy choices.

What to add to these pies is also a hotly debated topic at Delish. Are you team whipped cream or ice cream? Whatever you choose, you really can’t go wrong.

Want even more dessert inspiration? We have candy-inspired desserts and our favorite alcoholic desserts.

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