50th Golden Anniversary Gift Ideas


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If receiving gifts is your love language, then you are someone who particularly understands the value of receiving a physical representation of your partner’s love. Even if receiving gifts isn’t your primary way of feeling loved, the perfect gift can serve as an important reminder of your partner’s love beyond words.

After spending 50 years with someone, you probably feel like you know them inside out. You know her favorite color, her favorite music and even how long it takes her to get dressed in the morning. Why wouldn’t you know exactly what to get them for your 50th birthday, right? Yes, while it’s very likely that you have an idea of ​​what your favorite person might enjoy, our Oprah Daily editors are here to help you change it.

We’ve compiled a list of everything from clothes to home essentials and even delicious desserts to share with your person. Reaching 50 years of partnering with someone is a huge accomplishment, and certainly something worthy of huge celebration. Celebrate your golden anniversary in style and help show your partner you care with one or more of these 20 special gifts.

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best floral gift

Double the foam

As the name suggests, this floral arrangement will truly make any home feel light and cozy. Chunks of lavender are nestled between soft rose tinted roses with vibrant pops of orange and eucalyptus.


Women’s Silk Pajamas in Fawn Mink

You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud when you add these ultra-soft silk pajamas to your wardrobe. Inspired by menswear, these will not only feel luxurious, but will also make you feel truly refined.


Best scented candle

Golden Pomander & Hinoki

What better way to celebrate your golden anniversary than with a truly golden candle. This Voluspa candle will enrich your home with scents of citrus, berries, vanilla and cardamom. You won’t have to trade fragrance for health with this candle either, as it’s made with a special coconut-based wax and free of sulfates, parabens, and pesticides.


Best sentimental gift

everyday photo book

When you’re spending quality time with your partner, it can be hard to think about anything else, but taking a photo will make those memories last beyond this day. Everyday Photo Book will help you store all those memories in one place. Choose from an assortment of fabric colors and even customize the layout of your photos with this stylish and sturdy photo book.


Shortbread cookies with a message of love [Love Bug]

These shortbread cookies put a new spin on the “I love you” cookie. Vanilla candy swaps the traditional heart shape for a design reminiscent of a love letter. Each cookie features a sentimental engraving in the shortbread.


Best Sparkling Wine Gift

Armand de Brignac Brut Gold (Ace of Spades)

Slip into a world of luxury with every sip of Brut Gold Armand de Brignac wine. Upon opening the bottle, you will first be greeted by the scent of apricot, peach and red fruit aromas. When the wine hits the palate, you’ll taste notes of lemon, vanilla, honey, and cherries, to name a few. Enjoy this wine before dinner or with a meal like fish.


Best gift for her

14k Gold Double Interlocking Twist Necklace

Your partner will turn heads when they pass this dazzling necklace made of intertwined rings. The necklace offers a beautiful duality with a twist style ring complemented by a shiny ring. You can even think of this necklace as a metaphor of two different people coming together in a beautiful union.


Silver Celebration Wine Bowl

Keep your wine chilled in style with this silver finish wine bowl. The wine bowl can be personalized to spell your last name or your partner’s name, share a message of love, or simply commemorate your 50th birthday with an item you can treasure.

Turn an ordinary day of lounging around your home into a luxury spa day with this comfortable and soft bathrobe. The honeycomb textured robe has two pockets and a tie to fit your body and is light on the body.


Best Diamond Ring Gift

Anniversary Ring in 10k Yellow Gold with Round Cut Diamonds

Remind your partner of your love every time they look at their hands with this 10k yellow gold diamond anniversary ring. The 1/8 carat diamonds wrapped in a heart pattern along the ring are sure to brighten up a room and your partner’s heart.

One of the best ways to reach someone’s heart is through their stomach, and this seven-layer cake with smooth, decadent caramel between layers of “wet” cake is up for the challenge. This cake can also be thawed and re-frozen for a period of six months, so it’s truly the food gift that will keep on giving.

These champagne flutes adorned with 24k gold designs around the perimeter are the perfect addition to your birthday toast. The delicate and elegant flutes have been handcrafted in the Czech Republic, and the quality and intricacy of the design can be seen on the four glasses.


Best birthday gift for him

Time Teller A045 All-Gold 100m Waterproof Watch

If your partner doesn’t like diamonds but still wants a little bling in their life, look no further than this chic all-gold watch. As well as serving a clear functional purpose, the watch is stylish and will go well with just about any outfit. Your partner can even adjust the strap to a canvas or leather style.


Bleecker Barware Collection

While many people enjoy hanging out at a bar, having a drink in the comfort of your own home certainly has its perks. With the Bleecker Barware collection, you can essentially bring the bar to you. This set includes all your bar essentials, like a cocktail shaker, ice bucket, drink dispenser, and tray. The pieces also have an “aged gold or blackened bronze” finish, giving them a contemporary and elegant style.


Gold Tartan Engraved Cufflinks at Nordstrom

Adding cufflinks to a button-down shirt can enhance your entire outfit, and these gold offerings with engraved plaid detailing are no exception. These cufflinks are shaped like a rectangle and the intersecting vertical and horizontal lines provide the perfect pattern to spice them up.


Custom metallic LP record

If you’ve ever listened to a song and thought about your partner, then this LP record art for your home is the perfect gift. You and your partner can customize a label for your disc and add five songs that you think best reflect your journey. This gift is the perfect way for any music lover’s heart.

We all spend a good part of our lives sleeping, so why not do everything in your power to ensure that your sleep is particularly restful? These silk pillowcases will feel amazing against your skin and will be the perfect aid to help you and your partner get a good night’s sleep.


Aerin Gold Scalloped Gallery Frame 8″ X 10″

Whether you’re looking for a way to display your favorite photo of you and your partner or a piece of art you bought together, the quality and type of frame it’s placed in can make all the difference in how it looks. fits into your home. The curvy gold borders and eye-catching line details found on this gallery frame make it the perfect option. It will only amplify the beauty of whatever you and your partner want to showcase in your home.


New York Times personalized birthday book

The impact that events happening in the world can have on how a couple meet and experience their relationship is immense. With this personalized New York Times anniversary book, couples can see all the major headlines found on the front page cover of the NYT from the day they first got married until their last anniversary. Having a time capsule in your living room that will give you a front row seat to see how your relationship has changed throughout history is a truly unique and sentimental gift.


Epoque Gold 5-piece cutlery set in golden stainless steel

Cutlery may seem like a small part of a romantic dinner, but adding some color to your ensemble can make a huge difference. This five-piece gold-tone stainless steel dinner set made in Italy means you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to recreate a five-star romantic dinner. It’s perfect for the person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen and wants to elevate their cooking experience.

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