7 no-bake recipes for tacos, soups, desserts and more


Not that you need me to tell you, but it’s hot outside. Record temperatures have been recorded across the country with regularity and we are only halfway through summer. As such, I’m sure you don’t want to spend much time – if at all – standing over a stove this time of year. To help you stay cool, here are recipes to keep you fed without raising the temperature in the kitchen. Don’t see a recipe you like? Head over to our recipe finder and search for more no-bake recipes.

Walnut tacos, above. The genius of these tacos is the nut crumble seasoned with Mexican-inspired spices. It only takes about a minute with a food processor, and the filling is ready to go into a tortilla.

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Caprese Sandwich. I like to think of this as the long-lost Italian cousin of the Southern Tomato Sandwich. Instead of mayonnaise, this amazing summer sandwich has mozzarella and basil. Add pesto, if you really want to kick it up a notch.

Gochiso-Dofu (Decorated Tofu). Silken tofu serves as a smooth, creamy canvas for a range of fillings that add more flavor and texture. “This dish is all about contrast – dark and light, crunchy and creamy, intense and sweet,” writes editor-in-chief Joe Yonan.

8 No-Bake Recipes to Keep You and Your Kitchen Cool

Black Bean Salad with Cherries. This salad “echoes the key flavors of protein smothered in barbecue sauce with its fruitiness and savory lime-chili dressing, while providing the fresh counterpoint of juicy cherries, crunchy bites of jicama (or radish), and spring cilantro.” , Nourish Columnist Ellie Krieger writes. (If you’re not sold on that description alone, I don’t know what else to say.)

Dill Ham Salad Sandwich. While chicken, tuna and egg usually take center stage in salad sandwich kingdoms, this ham and dill version is not to be overlooked.

Chicken, Egg, Ham and Chickpea Salad Recipes for Quick Home Office Sandwiches

Avocado, cucumber and fennel soup. While everyone knows tomato gazpacho, it’s not the only cold soup you should be making this summer. Step into this verdant beauty. “The jazz comes from garnishes of jalapeño, dill, basil, and pumpkin seeds, all of which add pops of flavor and texture to the soothing, refreshing, and refreshing soup,” writes Yonan.

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Mango dessert cups. Mangoes and summer are a heavenly marriage. If you’re looking to enjoy them beyond eating them fresh and letting the juices run down your chin as you rip the flesh from the seed, this creamy, pudding dessert is a winner.

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