7 Passover Nail Art Ideas and Designs for 2022

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Hi, hello, I’m sure you’re aware, but just in case, here’s your friendly reminder that Passover is only weeks a way. Yes, April 15 is fast approaching. And my favorite way to get into the festivities? Paint my nails for the occasion, let it be clover green St. Patrick’s Day nailsred and pink Valentine’s Day nailsor earthy-toned Thanksgiving nails. So if you haven’t already started thinking about it, I’ve gone ahead and found all the cutest Passover nail ideas, so your manicure can be fully Seder ready. in April.– including very detailed ideas for nail art pros and super easy ten plague ideas nail stickers if you want a manicure in less than ten minutes. Trust me: these will get you in the Seder mood, especially since some of them feature real matzah, who how cute? Ahead, seven of the cutest Passover nail ideas to start practicing right now.

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These detailed nails from the Passover of the Ten Plagues

This Passover nail idea is basically a work of art on each finger. And don’t get me started on the colors – how cool the blue and red combo against the metallic accent colors? Unless you have pro-level nail art skills (which, congratulations if you do), my advice is to capture this photo and take it to your technician.

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These Ten Plagues 3D Passover Nails

I don’t know what I love the most, the way this Passover nail art rightfully looks like 3D, or the level of detail on each finger. Pro tip: Ask your nail technician if she can do intricate nail art like this and how much it will cost before you book your appointment. And don’t forget to order some red rhinestones in advance for your ring finger.

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These ten nail plagues of the Passover


This Flying Plague Idea for Passover Nails


This Chai Symbol Passover Nail Idea


These blue and gold symbol Passover nails


These Egyptian Inspired Passover Nails

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