8 Ina Garten cookie recipes to make this Christmas


Ina Garten is a real kitchen wonder – especially on vacation – and she makes it so easy. For those of us striving to be like the Food Network star, she’s given us a dozen cookbooks and two decades of The Barefoot Countess episodes filled with tips and tricks for entertainment. Plus, hundreds of delicious recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts.

This holiday season we’ve combed through all of Garten’s books and dived deep into his TV series to put together all of his amazing cookie recipes. After all, they’re great for party favors, and they make great gifts. Of course, we also love to snack on these treats ourselves. Here are eight of our absolute favorite Ina Garten cookie recipes to whip up this Christmas.

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8. “The Barefoot Contessa” shared their black and white cookie recipe on Instagram

Garten’s black and white cookies are from his 2020 cookbook Modern comfort food. Before the book’s publication, she shared on Instagram that it was one of her all-time favorite treats, because “they look more like decadent snack-sized cakes.”

“The best part is they’re iced with both chocolate AND vanilla frosting, so you don’t have to choose between the two. And, once you’re fresh out of the oven, you’ll never go back to store-bought cookies again! Garten promises.

7. Ina Garten shortbread cookies are worth the wait

It takes an hour and 15 minutes – from start to finish – to prepare the Garten shortbread cookies, presented on The Barefoot Countess episode titled “Impromptu Dinner”. But they’re definitely worth the wait. The only ingredients you’ll need are unsalted butter, sugar, pure vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, salt, and semi-sweet chocolate.

6. Linzer mini cookies are a Christmas classic

A variation on shortbread cookies, Garten Linzer Mini Cookies are a bite-sized treat filled with raspberry jam and dusted with powdered sugar. This intermediate recipe was featured in The Barefoot Countess the episode “Card Sharks’ Delight” and it takes about 45 minutes to do so.

The only other ingredients you will need are unsalted butter, granulated sugar, pure vanilla extract, flour, and salt.

5. Chocolate chip cookies are perfect for the holidays.

From Garten’s 2001 cookbook titled Parties! comes his recipe for cookies with chocolate pieces. This old-fashioned recipe makes 36 to 40 cookies, and you can make them with or without nuts.

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For a more updated version, Garten shared his giant crispy chocolate chip cookie recipe in fall 2021 with his 3.3 million followers on Instagram. She described them as “chocolatey, crunchy and a little salty”.

4. Ina Garten’s Jam Thumbprint cookies are like grandma’s

Garten’s recipe for Jam Thumbprint Cookies might make you a little nostalgic, because they’re just like Grandma used to do. They were featured in Garten’s Family style cookbook, and the only cooking utensils you’ll need are an electric mixer with paddle, plastic wrap, and a cookie sheet.

The ingredient list for this dessert includes butter, sugar, vanilla extract, flour, kosher salt, eggs, coconut, and raspberry or apricot jam.

3. The ultimate gingerbread cookies are easy and delicious.

If you need a quick and easy cookie recipe, look no further than Garten’s Ultimate Ginger Cookies. They were featured in the episode “Pack and Go Party” and we promise you these are the best gingerbread cookies you’ll ever eat.

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“This cookie is delicious!” a reviewer wrote. “You have to like ginger and spices, but if so, this cookie is all good!” AND, I convinced myself that it is a healthy cookie at the limit because it contains a minimum of oil and “healthy” spices;) Enjoy it, for me it is a dream Christmas cookie. “

2. Pecan Sandies are “foolproof”

From Garten’s 2012 cookbook Infallible comes his recipe for Pecan Sandies. To prepare this delicious cookie you will need a food processor equipped with a steel blade, an electric mixer equipped with a paddle, a cookie sheet, an ice cream scoop, a bowl and a grill.

1. Everyone loves Ina Garten fruit cookies

Fruitcake hasn’t had the best PR in the last few decades when it comes to Christmas desserts. But Garten changed everything with his Fruitcake Cookies, featured in the episode “Cooking For A Crowd”. We promise that if you dare to try them, they will become a Christmas tradition.

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“First time for any type of fruit cake. Absolutely delicious! It will definitely be a recipe that continues in my house! a reviewer wrote. Another added: “These are awesome cookies. I make them every year at Christmas to give as gifts to neighbors. Everyone loves them!

The Barefoot Countess airs Sundays on Food Network.

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