9/11-themed restaurant menu sparked fury and disbelief

According to Mike Sington TweeterThe Clubhouse’s 9/11-themed menu featured appetizers like “First Responder Flatbread” and “Flight 93 Redirect” crab dip. For dessert, guests could have their choice of chocolate floss “Pentagon Pie” or sip a “Remember-tini.” (We’re all talking unusual cocktails here, but come on.) Dessert aside, it’s the main course that takes the cake: The country club donated a bowl of “2977 Chowder,” in reference to the number of people who lost his life. in tragedy. Hope you’re hungry – if so, luckily The Clubhouse has offered the “Never Forget Sampler”, so you can try it all out. (Yuk.)

In 2018, satirical news site onion ran a fake 9/11-themed Subway ad that promised, “You’ll never forget this deal” on “Subtember 11.” Even then, people responded to the joke quite negatively, calling it “bad taste” and even asking “what’s wrong with you?” on Twitter. Now, however, four years have passed and there are 9/11 themed menus happening for real. Or at least there were. The Clubhouse has since removed the menu and issued a public apology. On Tuesday, manager George White wrote a message on Facebook, saying, “I apologize to those I offended with the Sunday 9/11 Seafood post…We’ll have a new theme tomorrow.” (via ABC News). By Initiatedit has since been replaced with a football-themed menu.

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