9 Wedding Ideas Guests Will Love: Kahoot Quiz, Song Requests, S$10 Raffle


Our wedding party is a web application that allows you to introduce guests to each other in advance. You can also manage the guest list, send bulk announcements, and collect heartfelt messages that may be too long for the guestbook. If they would like to hear anything other than Can’t Help Falling In Love that night, they can let them know using the song request feature or be silent forever.


Besides going from table to table for group photos, the newlyweds don’t interact much with their guests. That’s where Kahoot — a quiz creation tool that corporate folks don’t need to introduce themselves to — could fill the gap. Plus, seniors in the family can also participate since everyone now has a QR code scanner on their phone.

Do parents, friends or colleagues know the newlyweds best? Here are some multiple-choice questions that will test their knowledge.

  • How did we meet?
  • Where did we go on our first date?
  • What are our nicknames for each other?
  • Who has a better PSLE ​​score?
  • What’s the bride’s biggest pet peeve about the groom?

They are great conversation starters that help guests get to know the couple better. From experience, participants become really competitive when you bait them with Grab vouchers and show them the leaderboard from time to time.


The rules are simple: The first table to complete a checklist of accurate photos of the newlyweds wins a bottle of champagne. To level the playing field, we recommend a mix of photographs that parents, friends and colleagues are likely to have. Here are some examples:

  • A childhood photo of the bride/groom
  • A photo of the bride/groom sleeping
  • A photo of the bride/groom in costume

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