A simple McDonald’s Hack makes a heavenly dessert off the menu

A foodie has come up with an ingenious trick to getting a mouth-watering McDonald’s secret dessert that’s not even on the menu.

Culinary content creator Adrien widjy took to TikTok on Christmas Eve to share the delicious treat with his 131,100 followers that combines a McFlurry with a hot apple pie.

In the clip, which has racked up nearly 14,000 views, Adrian sits at his local Golden Arches branch after ordering Apple Pie and Oreo McFlurry.

The Sydney-based foodie said: “No matter what kind of McFlurry you get, the hack will always work the same.”

Adrian is next seen using a spoon to fill cold McFlurry vanilla ice cream into his piping hot apple pie.

With the heat of the pastry, the TikToker shows the ice cream starting to melt before taking a morish bite and continues until both are done.

Adrian, who regularly shares must-see restaurants in Sydney, said: “Trust me, this is heaven.”

Adrian says you have to buy an apple pie and any McFlurry flavor (Credit: TikTok / AdrianWidjy)

Despite his enthusiasm, some of his staunch supporters weren’t impressed with the flavor combination and just wrote “no”.

However, many were delighted with this delicious hack and vowed to try it for themselves on their next visit.

One said: “YUM I MUST TRY” (sic).

Meanwhile, in other TikTok news, a woman has split the internet sharing her pasta pasture table – and we don’t know what we’re thinking.

You put the ice cream in the hot apple pie (Credit: TikTok / AdrianWidjy)
You put the ice cream in the hot apple pie (Credit: TikTok / AdrianWidjy)

After using foil to cover her entire table, Karima scooped up a huge portion of pasta from the flat surface.

She then loaded the pasta with three different sauce toppings, including what appears to be crazy mushroom sauce, tomato sauce with chicken slices, and finally a bolognese sauce.

Because the TikToker decided to avoid using containers, all of the sources eventually start to mix with each other, leaving a very creamy and tomato mess.

Hmmm … this is the TikTok hack that we probably won’t try …

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