A vegetarian lunch menu to celebrate the day

Do you remember the time your brother protected you from a bully at school? Or when your brother supported you in a decision that your parents did not make? Although there are still times when we just cannot tolerate the sight of our brother, but we would still like to save the last slice of his favorite cake at a party. Is not it true ? The bond between a brother and a sister is one we simply cannot put into words, but we can only feel the warmth in such bittersweet instances.

Celebrating this bond is the festival of Raksha Bandhan, when sisters apply tilak to their brothers’ foreheads and tie rakhis around their wrists, feeding them sumptuous sweets or mithais. And in return, the brothers swear to protect their sisters against all adversities in addition to showering them with incredible gifts. Well, it’s that time of year again.

Beautiful rakhis and traditional sweets have made their way to markets across the country, and the festive mood is already in the air. The festival that celebrates the bond between siblings is also punctuated by get-togethers with loved ones and topped off with a feast of drool-worthy delicacies. If you are planning a healthy lunch at home to celebrate the festivities with your near and dear ones, we have just the perfect vegetarian Raksha Bandhan lunch menu to help you out.


Dry Paneer Pepper

Paneer is the quintessential party ingredient when it comes to a vegetarian menu. This lip-smacking chilli dry paneer is one that can kick off any party or get-together on a delicious note. A hit with kids and adults alike, it involves crispy paneer cubes marinated in a cornmeal and savory spice mix. This Indochinese snack is sure to please everyone.

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stuffed mushrooms

They are certainly not like you have had before. These mushroom caps are stuffed with a delicious blend of parmesan cheese, cream cheese, red pepper and onion powder, as well as garlic, butter and mushroom stems. Baked to perfection and topped with parmesan cheese, these hats are a perfect way to cut up all the fried treats on the spread.

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watermelon mojito

Get the most out of watermelons before they go completely out of season and make this super refreshing drink with mint leaves, lime, club soda, and watermelon juice. This recipe also uses white rum, but you can skip it to make a non-alcoholic version.

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Aam Panna

Just like watermelon, mangoes will also go away sooner than you think. It’s time for you to enjoy your favorite panna khatta-meetha for the last time. This mouth-watering drink of raw mangoes sweetened with sugar and flavored with aromatic spices like cumin seeds, spicy black pepper and tangy black salt, can tantalize anyone’s taste buds with its pungent taste.

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Main course

makhani lentils

Can a vegetarian spread ever be complete without the rich, creamy Punjabi delicacy? Dal makhani has gained followers around the world with its rich and creamy cream, aromatic spices that give it an unforgettable flavor. Traditionally, dal makhani is cooked in an earthen pot for hours, here is a foolproof recipe that will make you a star for sure.

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Kadhai Panir

There’s nothing better than a rich and satisfying paneer curry to celebrate any holiday, is there? And this quick and easy paneer kadhai recipe will do just that, while impressing all your guests with its mixture of paneer cubes and tangy curry of spices, tomatoes and sour milk. Served with rice or roti, it’s a sumptuous and aromatic affair.

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Zarda Pulao

Imagine rich dried fruits and nuts perfectly cooked with long grain rice, tinged with rose water and saffron, and enriched with cinnamon, cardamom, fennel and sugar, aren’t you to sip this royal treat? Zarda pulao is a royal rice dish, embellished with nuts and dried fruits, perfect for serving on special occasions and festivals like these.

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Dahi Bhalla

This yogurt-based chaat, served with sweet and spicy chutney, spongy bhallas and topped with chaat masala – is an all-time favorite for many of us. So why not celebrate Raksha Bandhan with classic Indian street food?

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A dessert that is loved by many and never fails to satisfy our sweet tooth, kheer is a perfect festive dessert. A generous serving of this creamy rice and milk pudding is enough to satisfy our sweet tooth. Traditionally made with rice, makhana and sabudana or seviyan cooked in milk, nuts and sugar. One can also experiment with many more, including oats, apple, paneer, and pineapple.

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