Back-to-school meal ideas

Lunchtime can be the best time of a school day for students, so make sure their lunch box has plenty of nutritional value. Healthy lunch box for kids with sandwich, fruits and orange juice

Many students from Prep through Grade 12 are hoping to pack their backpacks, load up their packed lunches, and get to school for the 2022 back-to-school season in the weeks ahead.

Some students will be apprehensive (especially youngsters who have spent much of their early school years learning at home), while others will be excited. But whatever feelings run through your home, there’s a lot to organize before the kids are up and ready to go.

Check out a number of tips and tricks in this week’s Yarrawonga Chronicle for everything needed to get mum and dad and the kids ready for back to school.

What’s in your child’s lunchbox has always been a point of contention, but here are some easy school lunch ideas to make sure your child eats everything you put in their lunchbox and gets that nutritional value.

• A little piece of everything – Let your children choose a variety of vegetables and fruits that they want in their lunch box. You will soon realize that the food will more likely be in their bellies than in the trash.

• Healthy alternatives – If your kids find sandwiches boring, try giving them alternatives like cookies, pretzels or crackers. You can also make a skewer using meat and cheese. Some fruits like berries can replace sweet treats.

• A Three Compartment Lunch Box – This provides great quick and convenient storage for all the items you will be putting in your kids’ lunch.

Here are some alternative ideas of what to add to these lunch boxes:


Cheese + Crackers

Hard boiled eggs

Fries + Guacamole

Ham + Cheese Sandwich

Bagels + cream cheese






baby carrots


cherry tomatoes


Granola bars



String cheese

fruit snacks

fruit cup

pudding cup


Bottle of water

100% juice boxes


flavored milk

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