BBQ Food Ideas: “Bring in More Flavor” with a Genius and Easy Tip


Barbecues are as synonymous with the British summer as Pimm’s, tennis and t-shirt tanning. While hot dogs and burgers remain a mainstay, there are so many things you can cook on the barbecue. Ben Ebbrell, chef and co-founder of YouTube’s Sorted Food gave his top tips. They range from keeping your barbecue clean to an ingenious cooking trick to infuse essential flavor into your meats.

BBQ Food Ideas from Sorted Food

Preparing the grill

Ben said, “Start with a clean, hot grill. It might be obvious, but it means you’re avoiding bits of meat/fish from previous cooks that will spoil the flavors.”

The professional chef has a genius and an easy trick to do it, rather than taking your worries out.

“The easiest way to do this is to heat up your barbecue very hot, then wrap your tongs in foil and use them to rub a raw onion all over the grill.

“It acts as a cleaner (sanitizes against germs from any raw meat) and removes any meat/fish as well as their odors – and amazingly it doesn’t give the grill the smell or taste of onions!”

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Add Herbs to Coals

Ben said: “To add more flavor to your barbecue dishes, add fresh herbs to the charcoal or grill.

“These will infuse the meat/fish/veg as it cooks.”

hot box

“To keep all the food warm after it’s been cooked and you’re waiting for the rest to be done, use a homemade ‘hot box,'” Ben says.

“Take two aluminum trays and tie them together with pegs, place the food inside to keep it warm.

“If you have space, you can put it on the side of your barbecue.”

Don’t forget the after parties!

Ben said: “For a real barbecue, try grilling a whole fruit like a pineapple or a watermelon. It makes a great dessert.

“Simply wrap the whole fruit in foil and place it on the ‘low and slow’ grill while you eat the main course.

“The fruit cooks almost like a piece of ham and caramelizes all over.

“You can then cut it into junks and serve it with alcoholic creams or ice creams.”

What are the most popular barbecue foods in the UK?

A social media survey found that 84% of Britons prefer meat on their barbecue. Six percent preferred vegetables and fish respectively and four preferred cheese.

Meat suppliers Eat Great Meat have found that beef is the most popular meat on the grill in the UK.

Next come bacon, salmon, steak and lamb.

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