Best ideas for The Handmaid’s Tale Watch Party [Season 5]

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Season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale premieres Wednesday, September 14 on Hulu after a short summer hiatus. The phenomenal final held in June left observers disturbed but satisfied, with all its twists and turns. Most are now eager to sit down for the first episode of its fifth season, and plenty of watch parties will be happening. Are you one of those looking for inspiration to organize an event like this? We have some ideas for you! Here’s how to host a Handmaid’s Tale watch party for Season 5.

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How to Host a Maid Watch Party for Season 5

First off, it’s probably safe to say that while it’s good to celebrate the show’s return, try to avoid going. too away and celebrating the appearance and lives of women in the show. While trying to be an attractive maid might be a fun idea for some, it certainly won’t be praised online. The extra squeaky Instagram posts that Kylie Jenner uploaded, for example, received a lot of backlash.

Now let’s get to some other ways to have a watch party, maid style!

How can I decorate the place?

Handmaid's Tale (Hulu)
Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

Many people who host Handmaid’s Watch parties tend to choose a red-themed design, as it reflects the color that Handmaids wear. Of course, red flowers, especially tulips, can be important as part of your decorations when hosting your watch party.

If you’re planning on drinking wine (or a wine glass), these wine glass charms will be perfect for your guests.


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If you want to lean into the red theme, these hanging paper pom poms can also accent your party room. They also come in white and could make a wonderful combination together!


(As of: 2022/09/14 02:19 – Details)

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Of course, what’s a party without balloons? Make your place stand out by placing a few red balloons on your table, attached to objects, or even on your wall with a small piece of tape. If you have a helium air machine, even better! Something even more elegant instead of balloons are red paper lanterns! They can also go very well with pompoms!

And if you fancy taking it a step further, why not add a little decorative light to your bedroom with these battery-powered string lights? This will create a super serene ambiance.

$19.99 ($0.30/ft)

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You will also want to put food on a table for your guests, so a red tablecloth would also be very appropriate for the occasion.

You can also create your own Pictionary game for after the show! A user on Reddit posted theirs, but it would be interesting to see what else you can come up with. The best fans of the series will have the most wonderful ideas.

What should I serve during the Watch Party?

A good party is always great when it comes to food! Here are some ideas of what to prepare for your guests.

The show has always been good at putting the finer details into every shot. Although it’s not technically the food you’d be serving, coming up with simple designs and printing them out to stick on tin cans might add that extra “oomph” you’re looking for on your food table! You can also use these pictograms on the labels of the foods you serve.

Bruce Miller, creator and executive producer of The Handmaid’s Tale, shared a detailed photo of the show’s superstore cans on Twitter.

A Reddit user asked “Do these cookies count?” and, if you have the time and skills, they should! Find your favorite cookie recipe and use these patterns below as a reference. They will wow your guests!

Handmaid's Tale Cookies

Others have gone the simple route and made a general charcuterie table. It’s safe and effective, and your guests will have something to snack on when they want it. You can use creative names like “Praise Brie”, “Blessed be the Cheese”, and “May the Board Open”, as the Redditor did in the post below.

[No Spoilers] Our final evening has spread. Praise the brie, bless the cheese, the platter is open. by TheHandmaidsTale

They published the ingredient list in this Reddit post.

You can also name them after ideas from the show, like Redditor did. Some items were called “Blessed be the Fruit”, “The Commander’s Favorite”, “Martha’s Bread” and “May the Lord Open” for a cheese spread.

[No Spoilers] my friend and i decided to have a final watch party the maidservant way. by TheHandmaidsTale

Another user on Reddit said to add grenadine to your cocktails, and that sounds like a wonderful idea!

And check out this cute dessert idea on Pinterest! Strawberry and whipped cream looks exactly like the female outfits in the series.

And what about those adorable little cupcakes? They are really adorable!

What are your essentials for watching parties? Let us know what you plan to add to yours!

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