Best ‘Yellowstone’ Party Ideas Ahead of Season 5

It’s fair to say that Yellowstone has one of the most loyal and passionate followers when it comes to TV shows right now. Fans are obsessed, and it’s easy to see why immediately after turning it on to see what it’s all about. It is therefore natural that the fandom is interested in watch party ideas for new episodes and especially before the premiere of the new season! That’s why we are happy to share that we have the 18 better Yellowstone party ideas for you and your crew.

Since it first aired in 2018, millions of viewers have turned their eyes to the important Dutton family ranch. John Dutton has been the patriarch of a family of ranchers for generations, and all he really wants is to pass his land on to his children and grandchildren. Each episode introduces fans to different developers and investors who have their own interests in the country.

Now the Duttons are back for Yellowstone season five on November 13. It promises a solid two hours of guaranteed surprises that will wow viewers by picking up where all the season four cliffhangers left off. Does John Dutton really become the last governor of Montana? What fireworks will there be between the newlyweds, Rip and Beth? Kayce and Monica have a baby on the way, but will their marriage last? Where does all of this leave Jamie?

Saddle up for a total of fourteen new episodes coming in season five. That really calls for a first-watch party, don’t you think? Invite friends and try one or more of these 18 Yellowstone– ideas for themed evenings.

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18 best Yellowstone party ideas

1. The Duttons own a cattle farm. Ask your guests to bring their favorite beef dish or dinner party. Serve gator crackers on the side. Top it off with a bucket of Coors Light.

2. Have a Dutton costume party with everyone dressed as his favorite character. Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Hat, $21.10 at Amazon

3. Read a quote from seasons one through four. Who can be the first to guess the good character who said it?

4. Create a list of trivial questions from past seasons. Which friend knows the Dutton family best?

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5. Ask everyone to try their hand at fanfiction. What are your predictions for some of the characters in the show? Share the variety of scenarios.

6. Cozy up in a blanket, pour a glass of whiskey (or a Beth Dutton smoothie if that’s more your style) and binge-watch Yellowstone seasons one through four before the Sunday night premiere.

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Yellowstone Cardboard Cutout

7. Install one of the characters in the living room with your group using a cardboard cutout, like this one from Rip Wheeler! Yellowstone Rip Wheeler Cutout, $44.95 at Amazon

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Yellowstone keyring

8. You can collect Yellowstone– Amazon themed decorations for guests to admire, and pick up goodies for your guests to take home, like these “Y” branded keychains! Yellowstone Keychain, $9.95 at Amazon

yellow stone candle

9. Light some candles for the perfect ambiance. You can even find Yellowstonethemed candles on Etsy! Yellowstone Rip & Beth Candle, $28 on Etsy

yellowstone tv show

10. Prepare a western-themed meal by inviting your guests to sit around your dining room table. Don’t finish the meal there, though. The Duttons never do.

11. Host a cowboy-themed foodie party. Search for cowboy recipes, serving up delicious dips, soups, casseroles, drinks and desserts.

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12. Search your area for mechanical bull rentals. Can you last the full eight seconds?

13. The TV show shares a name with one of our national parks, Yellowstone National Park. Old Faithful has nothing on the Dutton family blowouts. Create a fun fact sheet to learn a little more about the other Yellow stone.

14. Decorate your living room in western style.

15. Plan a karaoke contest during commercials, using songs from the soundtrack.

16. Those who live in Big Sky Country live to be outdoors. Watch the Yellowstone premiere on a big screen projector outdoors. Gather!

Yellow stone t-shirt

17. Order t-shirts so everyone can wear them at the party! Yellowstone Tees, $22.99 at Amazon

18. Personalize a bottle of wine for each guest, with a label that says, “It’s a day to pour the bottle into a bucket.” -Beth Duton

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