Birthday Cake Ideas for Tweens That Don’t Make Them Feel Like “Babies”

Birthday cakes for kids were one of the easiest parts of throwing a birthday party. The whole cake had to be that of a favorite character, superhero, or one or two simplistic colors around the party theme, and everything was fine. But, when kids go from being young to preteen, they find themselves in a window where they feel too old for birthday themes meant for kids and too young for teenagers. As such, it can be difficult to find a birthday cake that fits the bill. But with a little imagination, it’s possible to come up with birthday cake ideas that don’t make tweens feel like “babies.”

Because pre-teens feel immense pressure to “fit in”, according to Very good family, they want to make sure that when it comes to events like birthdays, everything is perfect. But because every preteen’s level of maturity is different, it can be difficult to gauge what that might be for parents. As a result, it’s best to get tweens’ opinions on anything birthday-related to make sure they don’t feel like they’re being treated any younger than they think they are. And with a birthday cake being the focus of most birthday parties, making sure it gets the seal of approval between the two is integral to achieving that goal.

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Here are birthday cake ideas that don’t make them feel like “babies.”

6 Age number cake

When creating a birthday cake that is shaped like the age of a teenager, the cake can easily turn into something very childish. As such, care should be taken when making these cakes.

With younger children, a cake in the shape of their age was usually covered in lots of frosting and maybe some fun characters that the little ones enjoyed. Obviously, this won’t do for tweens. As such, the addition of items such as fresh flowers, candy, cookies, fruit, etc. Instead, it becomes a creation that anyone from tweens to young adults would be happy to have at their birthday parties.

5 Favorite color cake

Just because kids are a year older and have fallen into the pre-teen category doesn’t mean they no longer have their favorite color. Therefore, creating a cake that displays favorite colors in a unique way makes it a great cake for a tween.

The key to a favorite colored cake is making sure that there is a good mix of decor on the cake that gives it interesting elevations, which changes the cake from a little child’s one it reads in. simply, “Happy Birthday” on top, to that of a masterpiece tweens will love.

4 Cake with favorite flavors

Sometimes it’s simple, it’s better. Therefore, if tweens have a hard time coming up with a theme or are very minimalist in their tastes, just having a really delicious cake in their favorite flavor makes this the perfect tween cake.

The standard sheet cake for children’s birthdays comes in the form of a white or chocolate cake with a large amount of almost flavorless frosting on top. Letting tweens choose a more sophisticated flavor for their cake not only makes them feel like they’ve gone from being a kid to almost a teenager, but it also changes the mood of the party from one of young to more adult.

Pre-teens spend a lot of time on their smartphones. Most are spent on social media. As such, take one of tweens favorite pastimes and turn it into a birthday cake.

With so many different social media outlets that tweens frequent, baking a cake to represent them all can be difficult. As such, choosing a few of the favorite platforms to do so will help get the cake themed message across without making it cluttered or messy.

But with just the social media images, the cake could look dull. Therefore, by adding beautiful sweets to the mixture, the cake will be something to publish for all to see.

2 Surprise cake

It doesn’t matter whether a person is five or 50 years old. Surprise birthday cakes are a hit with almost every age group.

The surprise cake is fun because as soon as the first slice is cut from the multi-layered cake it is overflowing with candy and is a fun experience to watch. And because most tweens have a favorite candy, it’s easy to have what’s coming out of the cake.

For those whose favorite candies may not work with this cake, nuggets are a good alternative and still allow for a “wow” factor.

1 Favorite sweet cake

Because tween cakes don’t have to follow the birthday party theme, choosing to create a cake that incorporates tween favorite candies makes for a deliciously sweet birthday dessert.

From favorite cookies, candies, donuts, chocolates and more, options abound to create a cake centered around a favorite candy. And if one cannot be decided, go for two. The only thing that keeps this type of cake from being amazing is the limitation of the imagination that is used to create it.

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