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Nearly 80% of Americans will celebrate Easter this year, according to Statista. This means that many households are looking for special recipes to prepare for the Christian holiday. Easter calls for a special meal. Around the world, certain dishes have become the staple Easter meal. In West Africa, Jollof Rice – spiced tomato-based rice filled with appetizing herbs, vegetables and meat – is often eaten during this holiday. In South Africa, it’s not Easter without a braai (a South African barbecue), and you’ll often find Snoek, which is a type of mackerel, on the grill.

If you have guests with many diets who come to your house for Easter, or if you don’t eat the foods that are synonymous with this holiday yourself, you may want to try some alternative recipes. We’ve put together a list of delicious Easter recipes, all from creative and inspiring black chefs, that run the gamut from gluten-free to pescetarian to traditional. Grab your forks, knives, and bunny ears and dig in.

Traditional, but do it in the spring

5 Spicy Lamb Chops with Mint and Cilantro Pesto

Lamb is a traditional Easter protein, but many of its recipes may seem too heavy for a warm spring day. This dish from Chef Kai Chase is light, bright and uses seasonal herbs. It’s loaded with spice for a bold flavor. Plus, unlike a rack of lamb or roast that takes time in the oven, once marinated, these chops only need a few minutes per side in a large skillet.

A fancy favorite

Deviled Eggs Topped with Lobster

Looking for a meatless Good Friday dish? This one is primarily meant to serve as inspiration for your own recipe. Chef Erica Barrett serves it at her SoCu Prime restaurant and does not share the recipe. But put breaded mini lobster tails on deviled eggs and you’ll come close. It’s the perfect Easter side dish or appetizer, using the traditional Easter food of the egg, which symbolizes life and rebirth, with that elevated twist of lobster.

A vegan appetizer

Vegetable Cheese Platter

Charcuterie boards loaded with dairy and charcuterie are a traditional Easter food. However, those on a vegan diet have to get creative. We love that London-based vegan chef Rachel Ama shares her favorite ingredients for a plant-based cheese platter. Although she created it for Christmas, it can easily be repurposed for Easter. It’s colorful, beautifully presented and easy to snack on while waiting for the main course.

A versatile side

Hush Puppies Air Fryer

Easter meals can contain various varieties of dishes. If you go to a potluck, you never know what others will bring. So if you want to contribute a dish that tastes great with just about anything, or if you’re the main chef and just hoping to make a few sides, try these silent puppies from the co-owner of @blackpeoplesrecipes. They’re sweet and savory, so they go great with everything from omelets to roasts to soups. It is a snack that guests will not be able to do without.

A pescetarian entry

Air Fryer Cumin Paprika Lime Fish

If you keep a pescatarian household but still want a hearty, hearty starter for your Easter meal, you have to try this fish. One of the best things about it is that although it’s designed for the air fryer, you can also easily cook it on the stovetop in 15 minutes or less. Plus, it only requires seven ingredients and can be made with your choice of white fish like halibut, cod, or sole. The flavors are lively, a little spicy and melt in the mouth.

A carnivorous classic

Smoked rack of lamb

Lamb is one of the most traditional foods to eat at Easter. For Christians, the lamb is a representation of Jesus Christ sacrificing himself and being “the lamb of God”. If you’re a house carnivore, you have to try this delicious finger-licking rack of lamb recipe from Chef Angela Davis. It uses a blend of spices based on coffee, peppercorns, Aleppo and rose. This one might be for the more advanced chef, but it’s worth it.

Gluten-free desserts

Strawberry tart with granola crust

If you have fun Easter games and activities planned after the big meal, you might not want a heavy dessert. This sweet treat from Jerrelle Guy (author of “Black Girl Baking”) is light yet satisfying and completely gluten-free. Although the filling calls for Greek yogurt, you can also make a vegan pie out of it by filling it with the dairy-free yogurt of your choice. We like that it highlights beautiful fresh strawberries, bringing out the colors of spring. The full recipe and instructions are in the image caption.

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