Burger King to adjust menu prices this month


U.S. fast food chain Burger King said on Thursday that prices for some of its products would rise in Taiwan, while others would drop from this month.

The decision to adjust the prices of its menu was part of its overall operating strategy, the company said in a statement.

From January 11, the prices of some burgers would be lowered by NT $ 4, while other items on its main and breakfast menus would increase from NT $ 4 to NT $ 10, or 1.2% on average. said Burger King.

Photo courtesy of Burger King

Prices for chicken nuggets are expected to rise the most, from NT $ 85 to NT $ 69 for an order of 10 pieces and from NT $ 39 to NT $ 49 for an order of five pieces, the company said.

Some Burger King desserts will also get slightly more expensive, the company said, indicating an increase in its regular sundae from NT $ 18 to NT $ 20, and its strawberry and chocolate sundaes from NT $ 29 to 35.

However, his espresso sundae would cost less, going from NT $ 55 to NT $ 45, he said.

The Angus Beef Burger and Whopper combos will increase by NT $ 4, while most chicken burgers on his menu will be NT $ 4 cheaper, he said, adding that the prices on the King’s Collection menu would remain the same.

The price adjustments will apply to about half of Burger King’s current menu in Taiwan, while other items will remain the same, the company said, adding that the cost of its delivery services would remain unchanged.

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