Busy People Share Easy Meal Ideas They Make After a Long Day – Take Notes


Are you one of those people who leads a full life? Your mornings must be hectic and taking time for yourself seems like a distant reality. During these times, all we want is to have a moment of relaxation and a comforting meal. But sadly, many don’t have that luxury. And when that happens, we rely on food deliveries or instant food packages. However, food from outside can harm your health if eaten daily. So if you want to change up your routine and have healthier meals, NDTV Food recently asked people what their favorite meals are after a hectic day. Here we bring you some of their answers and meal ideas!

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1. “My work finishes around 9:30 p.m. After that, I usually want something simple. So I keep the wheat dough ready in the fridge. Then, if I have any vegetables left over from the night before, I make a paratha quick and enjoy it with dahi. It’s rewarding to have and healthy too.

– Shreya Surana, 31, California

2. “I come home late at night, and since I live alone, I usually don’t know what to do. The easiest thing for me to prepare is a sandwich. I mix onions, tomatoes and cucumbers in a hanging card and spices and mash them between the pieces of bread. Later I grill it on a tawa with rai. It only takes 10 minutes to cook it.

– Aayushii Dhawan, 24, lawyer


3. “I’m a big fan of desserts, but making them takes so much time. So if I’m craving something sweet after a long day, I take a piece of bread, add some ghee and I load it with sugar. Then I cook it until the sugar is caramelized on the bread. It’s a quick dessert to make in 5 minutes. And if you have it with ice cream, it’s is even better.

– Ridhi Jain, 27, consultant

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4. “Anyday when I’m tired, my favorite meal is sukhi aloo sabzi and roti. I like to have the aloo ki sabzi dipped in spices and garnished with a little lemon for extra flavor. This with plain phulka and a side of onion is a quick and easy meal.”

– Daxit Sondagar, 26, design engineer


5. “The meal I make is a favorite of many people – Maggi. But, before you ask why have Maggi, let me explain how I make it. I like my bowl of noodles with more vegetables. I add each leftover vegetable from my fridge with extra spices in my recipe. Later I cook the Maggi with these vegetables. It’s easy and ready in 10 minutes.

– Arjun, 33, senior executive


6. “My meal isn’t exactly an exciting recipe, but since it’s healthy, I don’t mind eating it. My whole day at the office is just eating crisps or cookies. And whenever I want To offset the guilt of having unhealthy food, I make oats in the evening.I mix vegetables and top with a tadka to make it tasty.

– Muskan Gupta, 24, fashion designer


7. “I saw this recipe on reels, and I’ve been a fan of it ever since. Here I use leftover rotis with eggs. First I make an egg mixture with spices, then I add it to a pot, and on top of that, I add the roti. It becomes like a quick egg roll and works for my diet too!”

– Mayank Rastogi, 29, entrepreneur


What are your favorite meal options after a hectic day? Let us know in the comments below!

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