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The Michelin starred Caviar Russian in New York is no stranger to luxury tasting menus, but his latest tasting will be the most lavish yet and one of the priciest in town.

The caviar purveyor and Madison Avenue restaurant just introduced the Grand, a $975-per-person experience that rivals what you’d pay at Masa three Michelin stars, which raised its prices to $1,000 earlier this year. Caviar Russe offers an 11-course tasting menu that will allow diners to indulge in the best caviar it offers.

The golden egg

Photography by Food Story Media Ltd.

To start, customers are treated to a caviar tasting in the bar and lounge, accompanied by a glass of Champagne Dom Perignon 2012. With a spoon, you will taste Gold Osetra, Classic Osetra, Sevruga, Siberian and Pacific caviar to understand the differences in flavor and texture of the varietals. Each of the caviars on offer is sustainably farmed in Germany, where the aquaculture farm aims to create roe that resembles the Caspian grape varieties that made caviar a delicacy in the first place.

In the same part of the Madison Avenue restaurant townhouse, you’ll sample a selection of bar bites, including oysters with almonds, cherry and caviar; red tuna toro tartare with a cone of nori and caviar; carrot velouté with yogurt foam and fennel pollen; and foie gras with crispy rice and caviar.

Russian Caviar Halibut


Photography by Food Story Media Ltd.

The party continues upstairs to eat room for six more dishes prepared by Executive Chef Edgar Panchernikov. Dishes will rotate seasonally, but you can expect to start with options such as heirloom tomato with burrata, lemon verbena, pistachio and caviar; red tuna with Burgundy summer truffles, corn and lime; and a golden egg with parmesan, nasturtium and caviar. On the more substantial side, we find halibut with fairy-tale eggplant, black garlic and white champagne; and lamb with sausage, zucchini and goat cheese.

And if you thought you were done with caviar, you are wrong. Even the dessert contains fish eggs as Russe will serve a cinnamon with buttermilk, custard and caviar to end the evening.

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