Celebrate New Years Eve With These Mocktail Recipes

Celebrate New Years Eve with these non-alcoholic cocktail recipes. If you’re looking to make New Year’s Eve fun, raise your glass to these five mocktail recipes! . 1. Sparkling blackberry mocktail, if you like blackberries then this mocktail is definitely your jam. Start by adding the blackberries, lemon juice, vanilla extract, and honey to a bowl, then mash everything together. Then strain the blackberry mixture onto a glass with ice and pour in soda water. Garnish with rosemary. 2. French 75 mocktail, This alcohol-free rendition of a French 75 packs the same amount of punch as its alcoholic alternative. First, add ice in a cocktail shaker, then add alcohol-free gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Once shaken, pour into a champagne glass, add the sparkling white wine without alcohol. Garnish with a twisted orange zest, and well done !. 3. Cotton candy mocktail, What sweeter way to toast the New Year than with this cotton candy mocktail ?. Start by adding a piece of cotton candy to a champagne glass lined with marshmallow fluff and rainbow sprinkles. Then pour in sparkling white wine without alcohol. Complete with a last pinch of cotton candy and enjoy !. 4. Frozen berry mocktail, This refreshing berry mocktail !. Put the ice cubes and the frozen fruit in a glass and add the pineapple juice. Then add frozen berry punch and lemon-lime soda. Stir gently before serving. 5. Old Fashioned Mocktail, for a new take on an Old Fashioned, look no further !. First, pour blood orange bitters over a lump of sugar in a glass and spread it all over the side. Then add alcohol-free bourbon. Finish with a large scoop of ice cream wrapped in an orange zest and go back up!

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