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Celestial and earthy cocoa


ARI LeVAUX for Lee Montana newspapers

“He was staring at his hot chocolate like he held the secret of the universe” – Lilith saintcrow

It’s like drinking hot chocolate

but with more screams “- Ryan mecum

I perfected the hot chocolate. I created the mug that I always wanted, but no one else could give it to me. All my life, the cocoa has been too fine. Other hot chocolates that are quite rich, quite sweet, quite creamy and quite chocolatey. My cocoa is as thick as sea foam, but sinks enough to drink, each swallow like a warm embrace from within.

This cocoa is so thick that it floats on my coffee like steamed milk – not mixing, but sliding into my mouth with each spellbinding sip. Outrageous in a good way, like a stolen kiss on New Year’s Eve. (Assuming both parts are vaxxed and boosted.)

The body of this drinkable soufflé comes from whole eggs. Not just the yolks, as in Viennese cocoa, which creates a creamy emulsion of a nice shiny brown. And certainly not thickened with corn starch, with hot Italian cocoa. I follow the Viennese method, but unlike the Austrians I do not neglect the yolks. I beat them hard, like the Griz maimed cats the other week, then I bend them, whip, heat and usually stir in my cocoa.

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